Week of 12/4/18 – Chock Full of Energy!

1. HOW to BE an ARTIST – Jerry Saltz’s 33 Rule – Lets take a look!


2. F.I.L.E Festival submission Collaboration Video Submission Launch

Lets share our collaboration piece! We don’t yet know if the piece has been accepted or not, but as a class we can share our work and promote it together!

Here is a link to download the video – (you can share the video via Instagram and it will loop – this part is important) if you also add the content to twitter, facebook, LinkedIn or “other” simply use the link from our class blog here – https://art550art503liupost.com/2018/11/28/we-animated-collab-submission/

Please include (copy and paste) this info when you post the video or the link –

“WE” 2018, Animated Video.

“WE” is a collaborative Video Art / Animation created by the ART550 MFA/MA Graduate course students at LIU Post in New York.


“We” Our ART550 class of fourteen people came together to create the project we call We. That is what is important. That is all that matters. The separations we perceive between ourselves are artificial. We are more than just our looks and the skin on our bodies. We all share the same basic human characteristics. This concept is a worldview that is incredibly common, but this piece proposes another idea entirely. The skin is not a wall separating and ostracizing individuals, but rather a bridge, connecting pieces of a whole. When we are near each other we can feel how we permeate togetherness. We act like an ocean and each so called self is a singular drop of a shade of color needed to cascade into the intense spectrum that is We. We, as work of digital art represents the preservation of our class energy throughout time and the way we view our experience as a whole. Through technology and art we are preserving ourselves in unity and our interconnectivity forever.

“WE” was submitted as a collaboration to the Electronic Language International Festival’s open call for International submissions in November 2018 – Lets keep our fingers crossed! More info here –  https://file.org.br

3. Final Paper submission discussion, suggestions and methods. 

4. Final student presentation date, discussion and methods for execution – Visual & Oratory. 

***12/7  – All graduating MFA students – Thesis proposal submission deadline.

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