Guest Artist Presentation & Reactions

In class on Tuesday November 20th 2018, Martynka Wawrzyniak was our guest speaker/artist. She presented her latest project in NYC as well as her recent projects from the past. She used her website’s to share images, videos and tour us around.

The class engaged Martynka is a great Q & A session after her presentation.

The class was asked to bring in a piece of their current work to generate a dialog with Martynka in the form of a critique. The class decided to collaborate and create a single document pdf. file with examples of their work. The pdf of student work was shared digitally to Martynka via the classroom’s smart board. The critique began with an anonymous peek into each students work before divulging who’s work was actually who’s.

You can revisit Martynka’s work and projects below.

Reactions below are welcome and appreciated.

  1. What did you think of Martynka’s work as a whole?
  2. What project (s) stood out the most? (This could be conceptually, aesthetically or other)
  3. What did you discover about Martynka’s process on how she commits to an idea and follows through to completion? Duration/time plays a large role in her work, what does this say about the artist and her process?
  4. Did you feel that the class critique was effective in its presentation format? What would you have changed in retrospect?

Feel free to add any additional comments or questions. Martynka will be invited to respond to your feedback and questions here below.

7 thoughts on “Guest Artist Presentation & Reactions

  1. While I’m not much a fan of conceptual art, I thought it was interesting to hear a conceptual artist’s interpretation of her works. It definitely gave me insight and I appreciate that.

    The project that stood out the most was of the boys shooting ketchup at Martynka. I think from a psychological point of view, it depicts a culture where males are taught that it is ok to look down on and think of females as lower class citizens. I can go on and on about how society and video games may be a leading influence on males negatively today, but that’s a whole other can of worms. I can also go on and on explaining how some women can influence boys negatively today whether its by neglecting their children, poor motherhood skills, or setting poor examples, but again, that’s a whole other can of worms as well.

    I think Martynka is very patient with her process. She has an idea and sticks to it, exhausting her options and resources so that she can accomplish her goal of producing a final finished product. At the same time, I imagine that she’s probably in a position where it’s not too difficult to accomplish her goals. I don’t know if she’s married, has kids, a hectic schedule, and/or a career…all which can play a significant role in one’s ability to create art.

    To some degree I think that the critique was successful. I think Martynka didn’t want to offend anyone so she said little about some people’s artworks. But then again, art is subjective. Not everybody will react the same way when looking at and talking about art.

    Overall I think it was a great experience. I learned more about conceptual art. This gives me more of an open mind when looking at some art that I may not yet understand.

  2. I think Martynka Wawrzyniak’s work is very unique and stylized. Her description of how she made the clay orb for the park was fascinating. Bringing in soil from all over the world made the project special. She included the community in her work and I think this illustrates civic mindedness and her commitment to the community. She is very caring and creative.
    Working on the same project for years takes dedication and I would find it difficult to stay engaged in the work. She stays focused and it is obvious in her attention to details. She spent four years working on the orb and obtaining grants and permits. I respect her for her patience in working within the confines of the government paperwork.
    When reflecting upon our work was presented during class our class critique I enjoyed having our guest artist not knowing whose artwork was whose. My project was presented last just by chance and the element of surprise artist was taken away. I enjoyed her feedback but since she was aware that it was mine, it eliminated the anonymity and I hope she was still able to be subjective. I think I share a similar sense of finding inspiration in nature like Martynka Wawryniak’s work. I intend to follow her work and hopefully learn from her as an artist.


  3. 1.I really enjoyed all of her work as a whole. It was nice to see the evolution of her work, her concepts and execution of her ideas seemed to mature a lot! I actually was familiar with her chocolate syrup video from my photography class I am in right now… It’s always exciting to meet the artist who’s work you have admired!
    2.What stood out the most for me was her project “smell me”. I like her idea of buying an ad in a magazine and presenting her art in unconventional manner. I didn’t like bottle that was picked. I think she missed out on an opportunity for it to be different. Maybe having a very untraditional vessel for her fragrance would have been a better choice.
    3. I really identified a lot with Martynka’s process of how she creates. I create the exact way she describes- first the idea comes into her head then she decides which art medium would best suit her concept. Its not that she really wants to use herself in her work. Her own self is the best way to get the point across. Duration/time just shows that you must be working on more than one project at once. Many artists take many years to complete one series.
    4. Did you feel that the class critique was effective in its presentation format? What would you have changed in retrospect?
    I feel the class critique was successful in the power point format. I think though if there had been some students showing sculptures it maybe wouldn’t have translated as well. But also with this “blind” critique I think an artist statement about the work could have been helpful.

  4. 1. I really enjoyed hearing about her work. I like how unique each idea was. Usually you see an artists series of work and some of the pieces can look or feel very similar to each other, this wasn’t the case with Martynka’s work mainly because she stuck with new ideas that came to her and worked them out until they were finished.

    2. I really like the concept of the orb though. Taking the dirt from all over the world and condensing it into this sphere that now occupies a small garden. I think its a really unique and cool idea.

    3. I can really appreciate the dedication she has when it comes to completing a project. I know for sure I lose interest in something after a certain amount of time passes so to work on something on and off for years is admirable. Its process that takes a lot of effort, research and time to complete one piece and i think in the end it makes it all the more worth it seeing the outcome after so much time has passed.

    4. I did think the class critique was effective in its presentation format. Although I think if anyone had brought in sculptures it wouldn’t have done it the same justice. It so happened everyone was able to work on something flat or digital so it translated rather well. I think given a different classroom where we could have hung things would have been better and i would have preferred that. If it wasn’t for my piece being so large and un-hangable in that room i would have gladly brought it in. The blind critique was good and it was nice to get feedback on it without having to explain all too much of it before hand. I did realize halfway through the presentation how much it helps to have a brief description of the work or its relation to the artist.

  5. I appreciated Martynka’s dtive as a conceptual artist. I can relate to the patience that she has to see an idea through to a finished work. For her it takes many years. I operated in a similar way, I like the process and relish in the creation of a work of art so I try to prolong the how long it will take to complete it.

  6. What did you think of Martynka’s work as a whole?
    I enjoyed her work. I really liked how she spoke about art being similar to science because it takes research and people react to it. I enjoyed how much thought was put into her work and how it’s more about how it’s more about social experiments rather than about creating a physical work of art.

    What project (s) stood out the most? (This could be conceptually, aesthetically or other)
    I was fascinated by the work where she used katchup, water guns, and children. I felt like watching the video really brought out a reaction in everyone who watched it and thought the meaning was really Powerful.

    What did you discover about Martynka’s process on how she commits to an idea and follows through to completion? Duration/time plays a large role in her work, what does this say about the artist and her process?
    I feel like the long process shows the commitment to the artist and how they want this idea to really play out. It also allows for a lot of editing and refining. Also, the fact that it takes such a long time and usually doesn’t seem to have a physical, tangible outcome shows a lot of commitment.

    Did you feel that the class critique was effective in its presentation format? What would you have changed in retrospect?
    The only thing I would have changed was how we presented the art. I feel like photos never to the physical work justice.

  7. On November 25th, we had a guest artist come in for class. Her name was Martynka Wawrzyniak. She was a conceptual artist. Martynka showed us some of her work throughout the course of her art career. The project that I like the most was her recent piece; the ceramic orb. I liked the meaning behind it and that from her original plan, she had changed some of the aspects as the orb was being created. It was impressive that she created an idea and it took around 4 years to even make the idea a reality. I know that if I had to wait that long to create a piece, it work wouldn’t get get done and I would have dropped it. I give her props for that. For the class critique, I feel as though since we threw her on a loop for not showing her physical pieces of work and creating a powerpoint presentation, the critiques in my opinions were not very successful or that I feel as though I didn’t get much out of it. I know that showing an image verses seeing the real thing is a very different experience but there could have been more dialogue. Martynka was really nice in the critique, almost trying to not offend anyone or say too much due to the time constraint. If I had to change anything during the whole critique is maybe bringing in some physical pieces of art to show but for me, hanging in that room is difficult since my work this semester was so large. Overall, I really enjoyed her work that she has showed and I cant wait to go visit the orb and hopefully it does not crack by the time I go to see it.

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