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Week of 12/4/18 – Chock Full of Energy!

1. HOW to BE an ARTIST – Jerry Saltz’s 33 Rule – Lets take a look!

2. F.I.L.E Festival submission Collaboration Video Submission Launch

Lets share our collaboration piece! We don’t yet know if the piece has been accepted or not, but as a class we can share our work and promote it together!

Here is a link to download the video – (you can share the video via Instagram and it will loop – this part is important) if you also add the content to twitter, facebook, LinkedIn or “other” simply use the link from our class blog here –

Please include (copy and paste) this info when you post the video or the link –

“WE” 2018, Animated Video.

“WE” is a collaborative Video Art / Animation created by the ART550 MFA/MA Graduate course students at LIU Post in New York.


“We” Our ART550 class of fourteen people came together to create the project we call We. That is what is important. That is all that matters. The separations we perceive between ourselves are artificial. We are more than just our looks and the skin on our bodies. We all share the same basic human characteristics. This concept is a worldview that is incredibly common, but this piece proposes another idea entirely. The skin is not a wall separating and ostracizing individuals, but rather a bridge, connecting pieces of a whole. When we are near each other we can feel how we permeate togetherness. We act like an ocean and each so called self is a singular drop of a shade of color needed to cascade into the intense spectrum that is We. We, as work of digital art represents the preservation of our class energy throughout time and the way we view our experience as a whole. Through technology and art we are preserving ourselves in unity and our interconnectivity forever.

“WE” was submitted as a collaboration to the Electronic Language International Festival’s open call for International submissions in November 2018 – Lets keep our fingers crossed! More info here –

3. Final Paper submission discussion, suggestions and methods. 

4. Final student presentation date, discussion and methods for execution – Visual & Oratory. 

***12/7  – All graduating MFA students – Thesis proposal submission deadline.

Class Collaboration Statements & Reactions.

In class on 11/15/16 students presented their class collaboration pieces.

Broken up into two groups, each group will now:

  1. Apply their group’s collaborative statement about their piece. What was the driving idea or concept that led to the creation of the actual art work?
  2.  Each group will add their reaction to the opposite group’s presentation and works. What do you see? Is the art work successful? Explain.

Statements and reactions will be posted here in the comments section below.

Each group is responsible for e-mailing me photographic or video documentation of the works generated by their group.

Group #1


Group #2

The Artist Interview: In Reflection

In class on 9/20 we broke up into partners to conduct interviews with each other.

Each student was asked to generate 5-8 questions to ask a fellow artist partner about their current work. The answers were recorded by the interviewer and then given back to the interviewees.

The interviewees become aware of their spoken word when placed in a direct question interview format.

Please add your comments below to the following questions –

What was the most helpful aspect of the interview process?

What did you discover about your spoken reactions after reviewing them in a written format?

How did this exercise impact your writing after the experiment? Did you apply this to your midterm artist statement? Have you been developing your thesis structure via this experience?

Share any other related reactions from the experience here in the comments section below.

Manifestos & Remix Fairness

Manifestos & Remix Fairness, A Closer Look.


My friend and colleague Michael Branson Smith shared this great piece with our CT101 class this week – “Andy Baio is a software developer for Kickstarter writes and speaks about his experience being sued by a photographer and is forced to settle and pay thousands of dollars. This is despite the fact he believes the law is on his side and so does his pro-bono counsel the EFF.”

Question :: What do think? How has this presentation solidified or changed your point of view or awareness on the subject of remix and reuse culture? How does this information effect the way you promote yourself as an artist on the web?

What is a Manifesto and why is it important to write one?

According to : “a manifesto is written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group” This is usually made public to hold one to their statements.”

Examples –

Manifestos for Art, Life & Business –

More Examples? See below-

View examples of student manifestos from 2013 here.

View Examples of Students manifestos from 2014 here.

The Artist Interview Process

On 9/23 our class conducted interviews with each other. Paired into groups of two, each student was asked to generate and ask 10-15 questions for each other. They exchanged places directly after to be interviewed.  The answers were recorded in a written format by each student.

A class discussion followed. Reactions to the questions below should be added to the comments section.

1. What was the most useful aspect of the exercise?

2. What have you discovered about yourself and your work that you had not considered before the interview?

3. How will you apply this new awareness into your thesis paper / research paper process?

4. What was the most important question(s) that you were asked? How may this effect your work as an artist?

5. Other reflective feedback? Feel free to extend on this.


Thesis Formatting from a Class Brainstorming Session 9/15/14

In our class on 9/15/14 we began talking about the formatting for our thesis papers.

MFA students that will be graduating in May will need to turn in their final thesis by the end of December. First and second year MFA and MA students will have the opportunity to simulate the structure of the thesis paper by generating a research based paper into their current work with the intention of also mounting an exhibition. (This is great practice for the real paper and exhibition)

*A Thesis Statement will be worked on in class this coming Tuesday 9/23.


1. Description / Abstract: Introduction. A detailed description of the body of work that you will be discussing and planning to exhibit.

2. Process, Materials and Methods: Descriptions of your working process, techniques, and the materials used to generate the art that you create. Why have you selected these specific materials and techniques to communicate your ideas? How do these choices effect how the viewer will receive your work?

3. Resources and References: Historical influences, artists, art movements, databases, and any other form of related influence. How have your references influenced your work, ideas, and decision making process as an artist?

4. Exhibition Simulation: How will you be mounting your exhibition? Why have you selected this particular composition? How will your installation effect the space itself? A floor plan sketch to accompany the proposed composition.

5. Reflection: What have you learned over the course of your graduate program? How has the program influenced your work and how you communicate as an artist? What skills will you apply directly into your professional practice?

*This format is a basic synopsis of what we discussed. It is an ongoing process. Let us continue adding to the formula in the commenting area below.

Artist Interviews :: Today’s Top Contemporary Artists?

Artist Interviews :: Today’s Top Contemporary Artists?

The interviews that will be viewed and discussed in class on 9/16/14

Jeff Koons

 Damien Hirst

Marina Ambramovic

 James Turrell –

 Mariko Mori –

Tuesday 12/17/13 – Final Class & Final Info

On Tuesday 12/17 /13 we will conclude our semester with the balance of individual student presentations. Presentations should not exceed 5-7 minutes, please be aware of this. We have 12-13 students presenting on this evening.

*All final thesis and research papers are due by midnight of the 17th.  I will accept hard copies or e-mail submissions.

*All reactive writing assignments that are posted on our blog are due by midnight of the 17th, although the blog will stay active and you may continue to contribute to it after the 17th, you will be graded based upon what is completed.

* If you have some outstanding photos or images from the many events during our class time, please e-mail them to me so that I may include them on the blog for archiving (some of you have done this already.)

*** Any questions about anything related to our class, assignments, due dates and otherness should contact me ASAP!

See you Tuesday night!

Written Assignments

Dear Class,

As we begin our individual student presentations this Tuesday 12/10 & 12/17, Please be sure to submit all of the short reaction based blog assignments no later than Wednesday 12/18/13.

All written assignments are due by this date.

Required Course Assignments:

1. Mid-term critique artist statement / Personal Manifesto posted to our class blog.

2. Hillwood Art Museum & Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” project reactions posted to our class blog.

3. Written interview with a fellow artist classmate. Hard copy to be handed in.

4. 2 Guest artist presentation reactions posted to our class blog.

5. Written & Tangible contribution to our class collaboration project posted to our class blog.

6A. Outline, Draft and Final Thesis Paper. (If you are graduating in May.) Handed in as a hard copy or via e-mail.

6B. Outline, Draft, & Final Research Paper. (If you are not graduating in May.) Handed in as a hard copy or via e-mail.

7. 10 Minute oral/visual presentation of your thesis or research paper content.

See you on Tuesday.