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WE – Animated Collab Submission

“WE” 2018, Animated Video.

“WE” is a collaborative Video Art / Animation created by the ART550 MFA/MA Graduate course students at LIU Post in New York.


“We” Our ART550 class of fourteen people came together to create the project we call We. That is what is important. That is all that matters. The separations we perceive between ourselves are artificial. We are more than just our looks and the skin on our bodies. We all share the same basic human characteristics. This concept is a worldview that is incredibly common, but this piece proposes another idea entirely. The skin is not a wall separating and ostracizing individuals, but rather a bridge, connecting pieces of a whole. When we are near each other we can feel how we permeate togetherness. We act like an ocean and each so called self is a singular drop of a shade of color needed to cascade into the intense spectrum that is We. We, as work of digital art represents the preservation of our class energy throughout time and the way we view our experience as a whole. Through technology and art we are preserving ourselves in unity and our interconnectivity forever.

“WE” was submitted as a collaboration to the Electronic Language International Festival’s open call for International submissions in November 2018 – Lets keep our fingers crossed! More info here –

**Please feel free to comment, add feedback and also expand upon the statement below in the comments section. I feel that this part is crucial for the further development of where the art work can be shared and shown next. 

Anyone who wishes for access to the content e-mail me.

Guest Artist Presentation & Reactions

In class on Tuesday November 20th 2018, Martynka Wawrzyniak was our guest speaker/artist. She presented her latest project in NYC as well as her recent projects from the past. She used her website’s to share images, videos and tour us around.

The class engaged Martynka is a great Q & A session after her presentation.

The class was asked to bring in a piece of their current work to generate a dialog with Martynka in the form of a critique. The class decided to collaborate and create a single document pdf. file with examples of their work. The pdf of student work was shared digitally to Martynka via the classroom’s smart board. The critique began with an anonymous peek into each students work before divulging who’s work was actually who’s.

You can revisit Martynka’s work and projects below.

Reactions below are welcome and appreciated.

  1. What did you think of Martynka’s work as a whole?
  2. What project (s) stood out the most? (This could be conceptually, aesthetically or other)
  3. What did you discover about Martynka’s process on how she commits to an idea and follows through to completion? Duration/time plays a large role in her work, what does this say about the artist and her process?
  4. Did you feel that the class critique was effective in its presentation format? What would you have changed in retrospect?

Feel free to add any additional comments or questions. Martynka will be invited to respond to your feedback and questions here below.

Dealing with Internet Art

11/13 – *Bring your laptop to class (if possible)

The Digital platforms. NEWHIVE, TO.BE , Rhizome & CODE- The evolution of manual to digital. Where do you fit in? Do you? A series of in class exercises with digital publishing platforms. Understanding how to write about electronic art.

Resources for Investigation:

1. Rhizome – Net Art Anthology Exhibition –

2. A Brief History of Animated GIF Art – Parts 1-4 by Paddy Johnson :

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –
Part 4 –

3. Popular Mechanics – Long Live the GIF –

4. The New World of Net Art, 2013 for Art News –

5. The History of the GIF – via Giphy –

6. Tech-Crunch – 30 Years of the GIF –

7. – Website –

8. ArtNet – 7 Masterpieces of Social Media Art –

9. Are Memes the Pop Culture Art of our Era? Kate Knibbs –

10. Can Memes be Art? Huff Post –

11. UBU WEB – Film & Video Art Archive -(Explore and Explore some more!)


Class Collaboration Exercise of 10/30/18

Collaboration Synopsis:

This is a studio work session / reflective exercise based class.

Students will chose to bring in the materials of their choice (not mandatory but you may choose to) to generate, complete and present their group outcomes during this class session. If you have a lap top computer, this would be a good class to bring it to (not mandatory but may prove useful).

This class project is generated, documented, presented and critiqued in immediacy all in one class session. We will record our process and results by publishing them to our class blog. (This!) Each group will submit a statement of their piece and then individually respond below to the project as whole.

(Outcomes are below)


LIU group 1.jpg

Group 1 – Tranquil Tuesday

Statement – Our focus is a search for peace and calmness in the midst of chaos…whatever it is that we call chaos today.  Seeking to find the same visual language despite having different artistic approaches.  In the end, we’ve accomplished the creation of an image through a collaborate effort.  In the image, we find peace in things of nature and the organic world


Group 2 – Collaboration

Statement – In response to current events of the later 2018 year, our group decided to embrace positivity. After deciding on a common theme and color scheme, each member contributed their own style to the creation of our symbol of peace. While the piece consists of a variety of materials, such as watercolor, acrylic paints and chalk pastels, the piece was unified by each member to represent peace.


Each student will leave a comment below about the project by answering the following questions:

1. What did you learn the most through this collaborative experience?

2. How did the immediacy of the project’s time-frame effect your decision making and ability to work in a group?

3. What will you apply into your writing practice as a result of this experience?

4. In reflection, what would you have done differently and why?