Fall 2017

Reactive and Reflective Writing Assignments for the Fall of 2017.

This page will be updated in alignment with our class syllabus. Links will be activated and announced by the professor.

Click the Links for each assignment criteria: Students are expected to leave a written response in the comment section of each individual blog post.

1. A Thesis Writing Guide by Professor Ryan Seslow


2. What is a Manifesto and why is it important to write one? –


3. Remix Fairness, A Closer Look – 


4. Midterm Artist Statement-


5. Guest Artist Visit Reactions


6. Class Collaboration Statements & Reactions –


7. Dealing with The Complex. Contemporary Art Insights –


8. Thesis Paper ( MFA students) Research Paper (MA Students)

(Submitted to the professor via e-mail)

**MFA students will also give a hard copy of their Thesis proposal to professor Seung Lee as per the instructions in the MFA Handbook no later than Tuesday 12/19/17.