Syllabus / Schedule

Course Syllabus / Schedule Fall 2018

The course syllabus’s schedule can be viewed below.

9/11 – Introduction to the course, our course syllabus, our class blog, due dates and requirements.

Student introductions.

Discussion – Reflective exercise. “What does it mean to be an Artist?”


9/18 – -Writing about your art, an introduction to the thesis writing and art criticism template. Preparing an outline, draft, and final paper.

Video presentation, The Artist Interview. We will screen various interviews with today’s top contemporary artists. (Turrell, Hirst, Koons, Ambramovic, Walker & more)

Class Discussion follows.

-Introduction to the Artist interview project/writing assignment.


9/25  – Interview Exercise :

In class writing workshop / discussion, outside of class this past week students were asked to screen several interviews with todays top contemporary artists. Reactions were added to a class discussion here. In class on 9/25 lets write out a series of 5 questions that you would like to ask some of today’s top contemporary artists like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Mariko Mori, James Turrel, Kara Walker or Marina Ambromovic. What would ask them if you had the opportunity to sit down with them for 1 hour?

The Artist Manifesto / Personal Statement. Why is this important? In class writing workshop: We will examine the manifestos of several diverse artists over a historical timeline. Technique, Process & Execution.

*MFA- Thesis/ MA -Research paper outline discussion.


10/2 –  Remix and Reuse Fairness – “Andy Baio is a software developer for Kickstarter writes and speaks about his experience being sued by a photographer and is forced to settle and pay thousands of dollars.


10/9 – Simulating our Thesis / Research paper writing template, models and inspiration for formatting. In class discussion on the writing process.

* Personal Manifesto is Due.  (This should now be posted onto our class blog.)


10/16 – Artist Statement conversion – Reviewing your writing progress, a look into what has been accomplished thus far, what can be improved and applied. Research, the writing center & creative approaches. Thesis / Research Paper Outline simulation & discussion.


10/23 –Thesis Outline discussion continues, pushing your outline into a draft. Resources, discussing art works outside of the “normal” – Net Art, Performance Art, New Media an Introduction.

*DUE: Thesis / Research paper outline.


10/30 – Class collaboration project #1  – Studio work session. Students will bring materials to start, complete and present their group pieces during this class session. We will be discussing the works of several artist collaborations over a historical timeline.


11/6 – Student Work Dialogs, Questions and Critical Thinking. All students will bring in one piece of current work to present in class.


11/13 – **Bring your laptop to class!

The Digital platforms. NEWHIVE, TO.BE , Rhizome & CODE- The evolution of manual to digital. Where do you fit in? Do you? A series of in class exercises with digital publishing platforms. Understanding how to write about electronic art.


11/20 – Guest Artist Visit – TBA, Presentation, & Critique .

*Students will bring in one piece of current work for critique and discussion with our guest artist. Students will post a reaction to the guest artist  presentation as well as their reaction to the critique. What were the most insightful and or important aspects of this experience? How will this  experience affect your work here on after? This reaction will be posted on our class blog.

11/27 – Writing lab work session – Bring your lap-top to class!

12/4 – Final Paper submission discussions, suggestions and methods.  Final student presentation discussion and methods for execution. – Visual & Oratory. 

(***12/7  – (all graduating MFA students – Thesis proposal submission deadline)

12/11 – Final Student Presentations, Group 1. (4-5 volunteers needed)

12/18 – Last class meeting – Final Student Presentations Continue, Group 2.


*No later than – 12/7/18 – DUE:  MFA Students – Final Thesis – (also must be submitted to prof. Lee)


**MA Students & Non graduating MFA students – Research paper and blog posts are Due by 12/19!

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