Course Resources

This page archives our courses resources :

Suggested Books & Reading:

1. Writing for the Visual Arts, Prentice Hall, Mashley Bernstein & George Yatchisin, ISBN-10: 013022487.

2. Theories & Documents of Contemporary Art, A Soucrcebook of Artist’s Writings,
Berkely, University of Califonia Press, Christine Stiles & Peter Seltz, Editors.

3. The Critique Handbook, Prentice Hall, Kendall Buster & Paula Crawford. ISBN –


Web Links and Resources Online:

LIU Post Writing center Website  –

LIU Post Writing Center’s Resources Links –

How to Write your MFA Thesis – Professor Ryan Seslow

A User Friendly Art Critique Process –

Vocabulary to Critique Art –

Critique Essay Writing Simplified –

Marjorie Munsterberg’s Writing about Art Resource @ CUNY CCNY-

UBU web film & Video – – Great resource.

Andy Baio –


Manifesto Examples:


Artist Statement Examples:

A Collection of Artist Statement –


Fall 2017 Articles

Inside Facebook’s plan to turn the world into the MoMA – 9/2017

Andy Baio’s Blog Post about Appropriation –


2 thoughts on “Course Resources

  1. User-Friendly art critique process – questions give me a good start on how to critique the work. The judgement and comparison part makes you think about the artwork before you design it, which is why it should never be for the dollars, but for the emotions and feelings put into it.

    Vocabulary to critique art – I found it to be very helpful because it had words and definitions for pieces of art. These works would help me in giving more accurate descriptions of art when I am critiquing it, or if I want to create something.

    Critique essay writing simplified – It breaks things down into simple steps. These steps will help me avoid getting confused when I’m writing the essay.

  2. Via Sarah Rennie::

    Art 21 – El Anatsui:

    Visitor Questions Answered by Ai Weiwei from the “According to What?” exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum

    Ai Weiwei – Process start to finish of the Sunflower Seeds Exhibition at the Tate Modern

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