Welcome to ART 550 Fall 2018!

Welcome ART 550 Students!

Our first class is tonight, Tuesday September 11th, it is great to meet you all!

This blog is one of our main formats of communication and learning. You will be receiving an e-mail each time there is a new publication to the blog. Reacting and responding regularly for currently enrolled students is mandatory. Alumni and those who have already taken the course are encouraged to participate and share with us!

Between now and this coming Tuesday, I would love for you to take a peek at our class schedule again – it is located here. <— thats a hyperlink, you will see a lot of these on our blog in the future.

I would also like for you to leave a comment below describing your impressions of our first class. Also, are there things that you would like to focus on during our class, feel free to share those things as well.

Thanks so much!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to ART 550 Fall 2018!

  1. The MFA handbook thesis handbook can be found on the LIU website. I simply googled “MFA handbook thesis handbook long island university” and it was the first PDF document that popped up its 64 pages.

  2. I’m a little bit confused. I don’t know what to expect. Perhaps it’s just my anxiety kicking in as the word ‘Thesis’ scares me a little. I’m not sure if by the end of the semester I will have a 60 page thesis or a 25 page thesis. Which one would be considered acceptable? I’m not sure. Is there a set number like 50 to 80 pages that is considered acceptable? How many pages are too few? How many pages are too much? But after already having taken Art New Media Technology with Ryan last semester, and having similar anxieties, I don’t think there should be much to worry about, as long as I do my part to complete assignments and stay attentive. Finally, there is some excitement knowing that I will embark on a journey of self-discovery as an artist.

    1. Not to worry! Your MA thesis has a requirement that should be listed in the MA handbook. I believe the paper needs to be between 8-12 pages. Of course, you may write more if you wish. We will discuss this all in depth through out our semester. 🙂

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