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Final Student Presentation Info

Beginning tomorrow Tuesday 12/5 at 5pm we will have our first 4 students giving their oral and visual presentations of currents works generated from this past semester (or from the summer before as well). We already have our 4 volunteers ready.

Next week, Tuesday 12/12 at 5 pm will be the second group of 4 students giving their presentations.

The presentations are an opportunity for each student to put their work into a visual platform to share and discuss. You may share as many images or actual works as you desire. I will encourage the class to ask questions and create a dialog around each students works.

Tuesday 12/12 is also our last and final meeting time.

*All final papers will be due no later than Tuesday 12/19 at 10PM

As I have mentioned throughout our the semester, I am always available to meet with anyone individually to discuss any questions that you may have regarding your work. I am available after each class and by appointment.

See you all Tuesday night.