Welcome to ART 550! Some Info

Welcome  ART 550 Students!

Our first class was this past Tuesday, it was great to meet you all!

This blog is one of our main formats of communication and learning. You will be receiving an e-mail each time there is a new publication. Reacting and responding regularly for currently enrolled students is mandatory. Alumni and those who have already taken the course are encouraged to participate and share with us!

Between now and this coming Tuesday, I would love for you to take a peek at our class syllabus – it is located here.

I would also like for you to leave a comment below describing your impressions of our first class. Feel free to share or express anything you felt or would like to expand upon.

Thanks so much!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to ART 550! Some Info

  1. What a pleasure meeting a group of people whose objective is to improve their artistic skill as opposed to making a socio-political statement.
    I do understand the need for artists to utilize their talent for social commentary but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy art for art’s sake.

  2. Art is the only evidence that mankind lives in this world, and the artist has made a good continuation of history through art. I think the artist’s meaning lies in the life of the artist, so that the creation of the life, so as to start their artistic ideas.

    1. I totally agree! Art has been a way of preserving the past and as artists we too document our own history through our creations.

  3. Last week I left class feeling energized and more comfortable with my classmates. I think everyone did a fabulous job of introducing themselves and speaking freely about who they are, their troubles and successes, their goals, etc. It was so interesting to hear from everyone and I now feel a bit closer to each classmate. We are now a unit working together rather than a class traveling through another semester on “default”. I’m really looking forward to the semester together!

  4. Just from our first meeting, I can already tell that this class will be unlike others I have taken in the past. I am looking forward to the professional and mental growth that we will share together throughout this course.

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