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Campus Writing Center

It is highly advised that all students contact the writing center on campus to have their final research and thesis papers evaluated. You can do this with your current drafts as well.

The Writing Center is located in Humanities Hall, 2nd floor, room 202.

Contact them by Phone: 516-299-2732

Contact them by E-mail:

Keep in mind that end of semester is near, please contact them today to make an appointment!

Writing center url –

Class Collaboration Statements & Reactions.

In class on 11/15/16 students presented their class collaboration pieces.

Broken up into two groups, each group will now:

  1. Apply their group’s collaborative statement about their piece. What was the driving idea or concept that led to the creation of the actual art work?
  2.  Each group will add their reaction to the opposite group’s presentation and works. What do you see? Is the art work successful? Explain.

Statements and reactions will be posted here in the comments section below.

Each group is responsible for e-mailing me photographic or video documentation of the works generated by their group.

Group #1


Group #2

Class on Election Day 11/8/16 info

Due to Election Day on Tuesday – 11/8/16 – I have decided to push back our class collaboration presentation activity until next week week 11/15 – Please be prepared to present the completed group work on that night.

On Tuesday 11/8/16 – for those who will be attending class – we were introduced to a digital publishing platform called NEWHIVE – to work on a series of NET-ART dependent works that express our feeling about the 2016 presidential election.

Click the link below to view the completed NET ART works:


Leave your comments below!

Guest Artist Presentation & Critique Reactions


On 11/1/16 – Artist, LIU Post Alumnus and Professor Meredith Starr guest Lectured about her work and led students through a class critique of their work.

In the comments section below please share you thoughts and reactions:

What did you thing about Meredith’s work and projects?

What did you think about how Merdedith asserted herself and presented her work?

How did you receive the critique, feed back and sentiments about the work you brought in to class.

How did this class inspire you or activate new awareness to something about yourself?

Please add any additional information you would like to share?

You can check out more of Meredith’s work here –