Extra Credit Reaction

Factors of the Imagination :: By Ryan Seslow

I feel that the creative imagination first asserts itself inwardly. It is through the

process of projecting of mental images, mental pictures, feelings, sensations and

emotions. I also believe that this energy exists not only for its creator, but for all.

Imaginative creation is induced and expanded inwardly as something

big or small, but no matter, we must understand that its birth is

organic and non physical. The manifestation process of an intended

experience created in the imagination requires the physical injunction

of an action. Human beings must facilitate this action. ( it can be as

simple as “ doing something”, answering your phone, taking a walk,

painting a stroke, sending an e-mail, writing a note to yourself,

dancing, and so on.

Where do you stand on this?

Can you elaborate on your own experiences?

This reaction will help you get 5 points of extra credit towards your final grade.


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7 thoughts on “Extra Credit Reaction

  1. I believe that action is required for any type of result whether it is creative or not. For me it always starts off with an inward thought but there are other cases where this inspiration stems from a spontaneous event. To create imagination it is sometimes crucial for action to occur to really spark an interest or put a fire under a thought may never have occurred without the experience of taking action.

  2. I think all the thoughts that people make are based on indivisuals’ background history, knowledge, and memories. Therefore, I think the creative imaginations are the altered version of thoughts, based on personal background. Thus, the action for these imaginations can be the alteration from previous actions. Even the mistakes that were made in the past can be the source for next step.
    I think the best way to take action for creative imagination is to alter from past action.

    1. I also believe that this energy exists not only for its creator, but for all.
      Tempting to summarize ideas, they all seem to emerge from ones past and present. All aspects of creating, from line to color to shape to photograph to making a video, even making food is up to one how much creativity to the action. The idea can be there, but without action the whole structure of creativity does not start.

      “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. ~Thomas Merton

      “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Edgar Degas

      “We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” ~Albert Einstein

      ”When it is working, you completely go into another place, you’re tapping into things that are totally universal, completely beyond your ego and your own self. That’s what it’s all about.” ~Keith Haring

      The only way one can view this energy is if the creator is found creating and shares with others what they create.

  3. It is rare that I do something and it wouldn’t have a creative approach. I couldn’t agree more on the thoughts that “The manifestation process of an intended
    experience created in the imagination requires the physical injunction of an action.” Some people actually think about this and consciously try to have creative actions and some just happen with out any thought. My mind is going all the time the only time it is at rest is if I meditate. Art, Painting, Photographs, Communicating on any level collects these thoughts and puts them into reality for everyone else to absorb.

  4. I do believe that actions play a vital role in the creative process. Even though ideas are first born inwardly they succeed if taken into a physical action. I believe that the creative process is generated through actions which vary from day to day.There are often times when I am done working on my art for the day where I get new ideas for the next step. Sometimes it just takes little as driving home from school at night and reflecting solely on what I got done that day. It is amazing because I do believe it is necessary to perform other actions in order to progress. We often get caught up in the moment and draw blanks during the creative process. if we get stuck it could be as simple as taking a walk to create a spark.

  5. I have always had a large imagination with so many different ideas, but I struggle to actually put them into action. If I did I would be much more successful and much more fulfilled. If imagination is not expressed in any sort of manner, who is to say that exists at all? It seems that most people lose imagination as they grow older, but perhaps they keep it inside in fear of reactions from the rest of society. If everyone put their creative ideas into actions the world would be a more vibrant place.

  6. I really felt this when we were assigned to do a group project. As my group was discussing ideas, I had a flood of images in my head from memories that were relevant to our topic of “maps”. These memories stirred emotion that created a vehicle for creativity. This group project forced each of us to use our imagination from concept to completion but still needed to be cohesive to the group. It created sparks for other projects I would like to work on. One thing leads to another and its so exciting!

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