1 thought on “NYC Gallery Visit Reactions

  1. Gallery 303 – The Russian photographer (don’t know the person’s name,) took some very nice photos of everyday Russian life. For ones inside of some houses, I can’t help but think of my Grandfather’s house in Uruguay.

    The one of the field and a million rocks reminds me of Switzerland, and I also saw some cows in the background.

    The desert one had a car abandoned in the middle of it. I can’t help but think of Arizona when I saw that one (was that photo taken in Jerusalem?)

    Gladstone Gallery – (Jean-Luc Mylane) “Birds at Night with Twilight Sky” – It was a very beautiful photo with the sun setting, crescent moon, and silhouettes of trees. The photo had a very beautiful autumn field in it. I have one question: Where did this person print these photos? They’re huge.

    For the photos of the birds and trees, they’re very nice, even if they are photo shopped.

    Galerie Richard – (Dionisio Gonzalez) – the Black and White photos are very mysterious, but beautiful. How did this guy even compose these things? The post-modern architecture is mind-boggling.

    I took a closer look at one black and white photo, and I realized that it was photo shopped. The color ones, they make it very obvious that they were photo shopped. Even though the photos have photo shopped imaginary buildings, I wouldn’t mind living in some of these homes.

    (Adam Ross) – I loved the shades of purple used in his artwork. They have the most beautiful shades of purple that I ever saw.

    Gallery C24 – (Altered States) – I’m not too crazy about Martin Durazo’s photos, but I loved Ryan Perez’ paintings. He had a very good use of acrylic metallic paints. The sparkly paints I loved too. His pieces with the string and metal pieces are also nice (Poe 17 had a feather on it, and it’s one of my favorites.)

    The piece of artwork that I loved the most seeing today was the Pendulum. It was a fuzzy rug made up of faux fur, and I just wanted to wrap myself up in it. I just loved the bright colors used in it. It made me happy and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling by just looking at it. Even though it was $12,000, it definitely is worth the price.

    Some of his pieces I wouldn’t mind buying (that’s how much I loved his work.)

    Metro Pictures – (Trevor Paglen) – The scrolling words are interesting; it almost makes me feel as if I’m in a random name generator combined with a Thesaurus. This is good if you’re a writer and if you’re looking for words, names, and chapter/story titles. It definitely has a kinetic feel to it (I will take a tip and look up words in a dictionary and combine it with other words if I need names for things.)

    I later read on a flyer that the scrolling words are Surveillance State code names. With over 4000 names, I wonder how do they know what each name stands for?

    For Jim Shaw’s pieces hung up, I wasn’t too crazy about it.

    Matthew Marks Gallery – (Rebecca Warren) – It seems as if a lot of totems have a breast attached to it. The pom-poms add an element of cuteness, but I’m not a fan of her work. Some of the color pastels are nice, but I don’t like the sculpture itself.

    (Unknown gallery names; but artists mentioned):

    David Benjamin Sherry – His landscape photographs are taken in different colors (all one hue, but in different values,), which give it a mystical look to it. Some of his photos remind me of when I went to Arizona.

    I soon found out that they were taken in the Western and Southern States of the U.S. I was surprised to learn that they were all taken in the U.S. I will make an effort to go to some of these places someday with my camera.

    Studio Job – It’s very hard to see most of these things as art. The Rug Piece reminds me of a Family Guy joke about Mayor Adam West when Peter Griffin became a paparazzi, and Mayor West pretended (on some days) that he was a rug.

    Monique Van Genderen – The abstract art reminds me of the artic meeting the seascapes. Nice choice of colors used within them.

    Nuno De Campos – The artwork without people gives it an eerie feel; almost “Life After People” feel.

    Bryan Graf – The fabrics with a psychedelic feel made me feel a bit dizzy.

    Mary Lum – Interesting on how she made her collages.

    From what I noticed about the exhibitions was that the pieces were all in the hundreds to thousands of dollars range. This helps me give a rough idea of what I should price my work (I’m not good at estimating prices.) I also noticed how a booklet listed the names, mediums, and price of the artwork themselves. There was also a sheet that had a bio about the artist and the exhibition itself.

    The artwork definitely exceeded my expectations because I had no idea of what I was going to see. Each exhibition had a theme involved, so I can now place a theme for my exhibition when I graduate in a few years’ time.

    Most of them were canvases, but there were also some sculpture works, and some other works (like photos.) The frames also helped out the artwork (in some cases.) I was also surprised on the sizes of some pieces (they were huge.)

    I will visit that area of the city again one day, and I will bring my camera along as well. The trip there made me see that there were a lot of things hiding in plain sight (like painted steps, or doors with gears on them.) I will indeed pay more attention to my surroundings, because it definitely is photograph-worthy.

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