Steinberg Museum of Art – Faculty Exhibition Reaction

On Tuesday October 20th we took a class visit to the Steinberg Museum of Art to view the Art Dept. Faculty Exhibition. We were lucky to receive a guided tour from Kristy Caratzola, a collections director at the museum.

In the comments are below, please leave your reactions, opinions and feedback about the show.

What did you like and resonate with the most?

What did you dislike?

Did the works in the show compliment the museum space?

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6 thoughts on “Steinberg Museum of Art – Faculty Exhibition Reaction

  1. I really enjoyed Allisons photographs. This sense of abstraction was so heavy but there was just enough of the subject to understand the image. Truly inspiring. I was not a fan of the sculpture bust. Just didn’t appeal to me aesthetically. I think the show was placed great. Really smart to place the smaller photographs packed with color near the front to draw people’s attention.

  2. Really enjoyed our time with Kristy Caratzola discussing the faculty show and going over key pieces that we were drawn to. I was really drawn to the work of Joan Harrison. It is not often that one can say “That painting looks like a photograph,” generally you hear it the other way around; but Joan’s work so closely resembled a photograph that one had to get very close to it just to make sure. I really felt that her sky scenes and water scenes were done on sanded paper for a reason other than asceticism. For me, it was the grain, the roughness of the paper used to sand it – can be light or heavy, just like the elements of nature…. the water, the sky, weather…

    Great show!!

  3. I really enjoyed hearing about all of the professors methods, ideas and concepts. One of the pieces that really has stuck with me was the Super Mario Brothers political game. I liked the combination of the childrens’ simple game with the political issues in our world today.

    I really thought that the show complimented the space very well. The layout of the display was also nice in how the different artists works stood out against the ones next to them.

  4. I really enjoyed the museum visit last Tueaday. It was both educational as well as exciting to see the art of our professors. I liked how we were able to all choose works of art that we were drawn too and talk about them. The materials used in the pieces were a great component to the show as a whole.

  5. What caught me most about the Faculty Exhibition was the fact that there was a diverse range of works; no two artists had a similar approach and all communicated in a different visual language. I liked Joan Harrison’s drawings and actually thought they were photographs at first glance (later learning that she was a photographer definitely clarified her approach to drawing). I also enjoyed Neill Slaughter’s oil painting of the rock on the beach (I can’t recall the name of it at the moment) and the sense of dimension it had, as well as the textural quality of Dan Christoffell’s sculpture, as well as the combination of text on the sculptures. However, I did not enjoy the video game that was of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders (I forgot who made it). I found the repetitive music to get annoying quickly, and it steered me away from that whole area until the game was silenced.

    Besides the works themselves, I thought the show was laid out well and the space between each piece was comforting. As for the discussion, I was interested to see who was drawn to which works and why, and the same goes for who didn’t like certain works and why. It’s good to see not only the diversity of the faculty, but also the diversity of works and opinions of the students as well.

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