Collaborative Project #1

In class on 10/7 we participated in a collaborative class project. The intention was to foster writing practice, inspiration and potential models for group and individual thesis formatting. During class we were broken up into two groups to generate the project. Using the thesis statement format that we identified as a group on 9/15/14 we put this information into spontaneous immediate practice.


Project Description – Each group will generate and present a collaborative work of art. Each group has the freedom to choose their subject. You may communicate and or express a feeling, philosophy, idea or subject. Using only your immediate surroundings and anything in it, a work of art will be executed and displayed. Each group has one hour to generate their idea, create the work and assemble it into a presentation format. The process will be documented into the written criteria below. Each group should select one member to act as their scribe to record their dialogs. A word or pdf. document will be e-mailed to the professor by the end of class. Images can be taken and added here later.

1. Description / Concept –

photo 1 copy 2

Group 1 Our group collaborated to create a monster for both good and bad voodoo. Each group member was responsible for creating a body part and then the group worked together to assemble the monster

photo 2

Group 2 – Our concept is to create a collaborative piece in which the 7 of us go around the building and take photos based on a random word given to us by Ryan. Our word is “metaphor” so each one of us chose 3 photos, and we made an animated gif out of the images.

2. Process, Materials and Methods –

photo 4

Group 1 – The first task that each of the team members had was to go hunt for materials. We utilized the garbage room, Heunwoo’s studio and the wood shop. We began to construct each body part. We used an old easel for the frame of the monster. We then had a wooden frame attached to the wall to support the head and arm features. It’s chest was sculpted out of foam core and was shredded on the bottom. The monster’s feet were made of foam core that was painted red with acrylic paint. The eye was made out of resin and resembled a disco ball. His staff was made out of a long pole wrapped in foam core. Nails were attached and wrapped in lace. The monster’s bra was made out of masks of people it had resurrected and it was sticking it’s tongue out in defiance. A necklace of pearls was wrapped around it’s neck showing the monster’s affinity for shiny things. It’s arms were covered in origami cranes that it had summoned.

photo 1

Group 2 – The process is a perspective of 7 different people coming together to analyze the use of metaphor. It is all done digitally with our phones and uploaded into a gif file. It’s a way to present each perspective in a respective and digital way.

3. Resources and References –

Group 1 –

1. Flavor Flav- American musician, rapper, actor, television personality-

2. Barbara Bianchi – found object artist –!the-sea-pyre-and-other-structu/c1isc

3. Robert Rauschenberg – “Canyon” 1959 –

Group 2 –

We started off thinking about doing a Vine project. It then turned into still moments in time brought together with a gif. It was inspired by the “6 Things Without a Hat vine.”

4. Presentation Simulation –


Group 1 – Our group is presenting a sculpture made out of found objects that is partly drilled to the studio wall, partly standing on a pedestal, and partly assembled with masking tape. The sculpture includes a kinetic element as well as hypnotic humming noise within the Voodoo Monster’s eye and also a light element with a spotlight for his right hand. The piece stands at average human height, staring back at the viewer.

photo 1 (1)

Group 2 –  The presentation will comprise all of our pictures merged into a single gif. We will present the GIF on the large screen in our classroom.

5. Critique – 

Group 1 critiquing Groups 2’s Piece – Group 2’s idea was very interesting. Metaphor was a very challenging word to represent and they did a great job. One of our favorites was the photograph with the digits. It may have been the file size, but they were going very quickly. We think it might have been more successful if it went a little slower. We had trouble focusing on each photograph to figure out the metaphor that it represented.

photo 5 copy 2

Group 2  critiquing Group 1’s Piece –  We appreciate the conglomeration. It’s crazy in a good way. We appreciate different materials and shapes. We feel it is harmonious. All the objects are a piece of each of the artists together. It’s a representation of our self, everything we like, and a kind of happy evil. We feel the pedestal is a pedestal not part of the work. Maybe incorporate more of the sculpture into the pedestal. The side light should be turned inward not outward – An exquisite corpse experience. It was a good juxtaposition of objects within the time frame.

photo 2 (1)

6. Reflection –

Reflections are individual and will be added to the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Collaborative Project #1

  1. The “Spontaneous Group Project” was both challenging and fun. I enjoyed the opportunity to work as a team and to get to know my classmates better. The assignment placed us in the position where we need to come full circle with an idea as a group without any preparation before class. We were challenged to work under a time constraint, use whatever materials we could find within the building, and to document the process in real-time through writing and photographs. Our group convened immediately to develop our idea. We decided quickly on creating a monster and every person was assigned/chose a body part that they would be responsible for creating. We worked individually at first, and then as a group on the assembly of our monster to watch the idea come together and evolve into the “finished” piece. Being unfamiliar with the space, Justin helped me explore to find materials (from which I chose styrofoam in order to create the monster’s chest). I worked from my previous background in sculpture, using my hands to break the styrofoam, and crumbling parts to manipulate it’s form.
    I often find that group projects really bring out individual personalities- some become “leaders” while others like to “follow” or work more from the background. Each personality and art style made our project really unique and truly collaborative. The written element and photo documentation showed our process and functioned as good practice for what we’ll need to include in our thesis papers. Overall, I think this really pushed me out of my comfort zone in a great way and the project was one I would like to use with my students in the future.

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