Peter Drew

10/1 – Via Skype – Peter Drew-

On Tuesday 10/1/13 Artist Peter Drew spoke to our class via Skype from Scotland about his current work and how it related to his MFA thesis writing concept and process.

Peter has been kind enough to share his thesis with us . Please inquire with me if you are interested in reading it.

Read more about Peter and his work here:

7 thoughts on “Peter Drew

  1. Having our class skype with Peter was a great opportunity. I found it especially inspiring because he is a little against the grain. I am sure most artists are in their own way, but he really has a unique story and it is inspiring to stick to your own path. Like following your vision and revealing to the world what you see and then let them interpret it how you want to. The fact that he could not come into the class room but we could still learn form speaking to him and interacting with him is shear brilliance on Prof Selsow’s end of things. No better way to take advantage of todays technology than that.

  2. It was a breathe of fresh air to see someone that was fully committed to their work wether or not it was being accepted. His situation was quite different but it did show this struggle I believe every artist comes to face. I appreciate his time and thank Ryan for a great experience.

  3. I have to admit that I was a bit shy about the whole skype thing. I have never even used a video chat at home. I enjoyed Peter sharing his story with us and realize there are many hardships that all artists face. Some enormous and some minuscule. We all try to learn from our own experiences but we can also try to learn from others. I wish Peter well in the future and was glad he took the time to speak with us.

  4. Although I was not able to come to class when we spoke to Peter, I viewed his work online and thought it was great. I enjoyed his videos and the ideas he had for the work he created. I look forward seeing more of his art in the future.

  5. Great to meet Peter, I too am a little inexperienced with Skype and found it a bit difficult to hear at first, adjusting my seat helped some. I would like to thank Peter for allowing us to view his thesis. What a wonderful example of walking the reader through a subject, beautifully supported and interesting. It served as a great model for our own research. I also really appreciate Peter’s availability online and look forward to following him to see more and learn about his work… Thank you for the introduction Ryan!

  6. It was very exciting to have an online interview with artist in Europe! It was a great class time. I hope he can keep his courage till he can get recognition as a museum artist.

  7. I really enjoyed having the skype chat with Peter. It was so interesting to see an artist from a whole other country having the same experiences as such in writing his thesis. While cultures are different, the system of education is similar, which is very connecting. I am now following his work on his social networks and they really are captivating to me. I wish I could have thought of a question and spoke to him myself, but it was still a fun thing to experience.

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