Martynka Wawrzyniak

Guest Artist Reaction #2

On 12/3/13 – Martynka Wawrzyniak was a guest artist and critique leader.

Please react and respond to both her presentation and the feedback that you recieved and or observed during the class.

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13 thoughts on “Martynka Wawrzyniak

  1. At first viewing Martynka’s work I was a little taken back. Performance art is very contemporary to me and is still something I have to accept as “art”. I think if we had to view her work and then write a critique of it, my opinion would be much different than what I would be as of now after meeting her along with viewing her work. I probably would be much more judgmental having not met her. Having her explain it and getting a sense of who she is as she did made me feel a little different about her in a good way. I do still think she has some psychological issues and is using her performance art as a vehicle. I also think she is quite full of herself. She wants to create a faux perfume ad with her scent and not for the “art” of it either? Just so she can live knowing that people have smelled her? Like many types of art out there this has a shock value to it. Where it may make some people think on another level, it just didn’t inspire me, or maybe just not yet.

  2. Having already met Martynka last fall, I was already aware of not only her personal work but of her genuine interest in our work. I enjoyed meeting her so much the first time and experiencing her performance art. Her work is definitely an emotionally and visually charged experience. I think her concepts are so completely brilliant and really cause the viewer to have “an experience”. I think most of us were thoroughly engaged in her performance piece, Chocolate. I know that each time I’ve watched it, it creates such an uncomfortable feeling that at times I need to look away so I can catch my own breath, as it feels like I am myself unable to breath. Very powerful!!!! It was especially great to see Martynka again because of the fact that she remembered not only the students that were in your class last fall when we met, but she remembered in detail the projects we shared with her that were extremely personal. To me, that is proof of her genuineness and sincere interest in other people’s work. I think she is a great artist and more importantly a really great person. She truly enjoys sharing in a give and take kind of relationship. So nice to meet artists like her!! Thanks for having her come back and I was glad some of the other students got a chance to meet her.

  3. I was a bit taken back when seeing some of Martynka’s work, I guess it was not what I expected. She seemed at first glance to be extremely quiet and introverted, but after viewing her performances, I changed my mind. The first one she showed us with the children talking, when they had answers to questions we never per privy to was a little odd, some of the answers seemed a little scary and sad for children to be thinking. Although I enjoyed the ketchup one, I feel that using ketchup (the color of blood) made the children get excited, and not in a good way, like they were killing her. They took great joy in covering her with red. Maybe I would feel differently if it was a different color such as blue or green. The chocolate bath was disturbing, not being able to breathe. I don’t like that. Loved the scent one, and I know mine wouldn’t smell like her haha. I feel that the majority of her work is to evoke a reaction from people and I think she succeeds.

  4. I believe that meeting with Martynka for the second time has made me understand her work more. Although some of her performances may not be very easy to watch, I get why she does it. Performance art is not meant to be comforting all the time similar to other art forms. It makes you think about what is art and what is not. I also believe that learning about other performance artists in the past and seeing their work has lead me to start appreciating this form of art. Overall, It was great that Martynka was able to take the time and share her work with us.

  5. Martynka’s work was very interesting and unique. I have great respect for any performance artist because they are willing to make themselves physically part of the work. I think it is a very brave step to take and one must be very confident in themselves to create such work. Martynka is especially brave for working with food elements. The ketchup performance and chocolate bath looked physically exhausting. However, they really make the audience look at these foods in a different light. Both performances brought a very psychological element to her work.

  6. Martynka’s artwork definitely had an interesting affect on our class. The purpose of performance art- or any art for that matter- is to draw a reaction from the audience. Martynka’s performance art videos made me personally feel uncomfortable and I was not really sure what to make of them. I think her videos had this affect on most of our class. I especially felt uneasy watching her “drowned” in chocolate syrup. It drew me in and made me feel suffocated, like her. After hearing her explain her videos and getting to know her personality a little bit, I was able to better understand her work. She is an artist who wants to impact people’s lives. She does not care how her artwork affects people, she just wants to impact them in some way. As an artist, I can definitely respect her work and enjoyed her visit to our class.

  7. This is the second time that I have met Martynka and I enjoyed her visit yet again. Last time I reacted to her work never having viewed it before. “Chocolate” was the first time I physically reacting to a piece of art, besides tears perhaps. Where there was a pressure in my throat, I felt such discomfort and anticipation. I covered my mouth but I never looked away, weird. This time I had the opportunity to see others react to her work. My only regret was not taking a seat in the back of the classroom to get a good view! The lipstick piece with the divided screen is particularly revealing. The girls start the process differently, some reserved, others not. They each move through it at their own pace, however by the finish they all end up in a very inhibited place. You can see that they have become the center of their own world, little to no fear or anxiety, very impulsive. Do we all have that kind of place somewhere? Keep up the good work Martynka! I look forward to your next piece.

  8. I think Martynka has very interesting perception of art. It was fun to hear her critique. I had chance to get very interesting comments about my work that never thought about before. Critique is always a great chance to look back at my work.

  9. I must say that Martynka’s work is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The strength of the reactions that she is capable of creating in the viewer speaks to the power of her art and leaves a mighty impression. Having recently finished a large series of self-portraits, I am particularly struck by the highly unique form of self-portraiture that she presents with her body-scent series. It is directly indicative of the self without providing a literal image. Seeing that she had approached self-portraiture from such a very different angle, I was keen to see what she would say about my work. I was actually relieved when she praised the strength of my concept and the technique of my paint application. Hearing encouragement from someone who had taken an idea similar to mine and interpreted it in a vastly original way made me feel that I must be doing something right in my work. All in all, this was a good session!

  10. Marthynka is my favorite performance artist now! I could not understand performance art well before, but through her work, I got the inner connection with her works, I could understand them all. Also I am looking forward for her next work!

  11. While Martynka wishes to impact in any way that she can, I believe she really goes for shock value. A lot of her works are surprising, or uncomfortable, or just odd. While I’m sure she has a lot to say and express, I feel some of her works could be developed much better to make a bit more sense, rather than looking like some spur-of the moment idea designed to to just make people uncomfortable.

  12. I like her presentation in this class! She’s a charming presenter also the act art is very interesting although sometimes I don’t get it at all before. Via her presentation I can step further concept in act art. Thank you!

  13. This is the second time I have seen Martynka speak and I am just more impressed. She is an intriguing, innovative artist. I was happy to have her critique our work as the last time she came to the class we were working only on video. She had some nice input toward my painting that I will take into account as I finish up my work. I love looking at her videos, they inspire and direct me as an artist. Martykna took her work to a totally different level with her scent pieces and these is a great influence to have as an artist knowing you can do anything you set yourself out to do.

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