Hrag Vartanian

Guest Artist Reaction #1 :: Hrag Vartanian.

Please react and respond to the presentation of our guest artist/critic ‘s Hrag Vartanian. Also, react and respond to the personal critique dialog that you exchanged with Hrag. What aspect of this class stands out for you and why?


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13 thoughts on “Hrag Vartanian

  1. I really enjoyed Hrag Vartanian’s presentation to our class. Everything he had to say was interesting and engaging. I found myself genuinely interested in his presentation. I liked viewing his records of the Banksy residency in New York City, especially because he was able to experience it up close and share his footage with our class.

    It was a really great opportunity to talk to Hrag about my own personal artwork and hear his feedback. He described the theme/mood he interpreted from my work and I was pleased that he was able to read what I attempted to convey. I also received helpful criticism about the focal point in my work and will definitely use his advice while creating more artwork in the future. I am really glad I got to have a dialog with a professional art critic about my work.

  2. It was extremely fortunate for us to have someone of Hrag Vartanian’s experience come into our class room and lecture us and than actually critique our work. I found him very informative and interesting. It was nice to hear of his background and have it lead him to where he is today. I also enjoyed his discussion and view on Banksy.
    It was helpful to hear his comments on my work especially becasue he is critiquing artists on a regular basis. I took all of his comments into consideration and he has made me aware that I need to be very clear when I write or speak about my own art.

  3. I really appreciated Hrag Vartanian taking time out of his day and sharing a small part of his life experiences with the class. It was great to meet an art critic and hear what he does as a part of his career. Listening and viewing how Hrag was able to get up close on the month long Bansky residency was fascinating. I found him being able to also give quick criticisms on everyone’s art work in the class was a beneficial experience. When it came to Hrag quickly viewing my own work I thought that his comments were very useful and positive. It gave me some new ideas that I can incorporate when the time comes to display my work.

  4. I really enjoyed Hrag’s presentation. It was interesting to get the viewpoint of an art critic rather than a fellow artist on my own work, as well as everyone else’s work. I especially liked his re-cap of Banksy’s NYC residency. It was great to see his point of view and I greatly appreciate the fact that he put himself out there to get a closer look at the work and the responses of the community to Banky’s work. The conversation I had with him regarding my own work was very positive and helpful. He asked me some new questions that really made me re-think and clarify some of my thoughts on my own process.

  5. I quite enjoyed his presentation. Especially his talk about his experience of tracing Banksy’s New York Residency. After his presentation I became really interested in this residency. I watched a lot of banksy’s videos online and definitely checked Hrag’s record of this on Hyperallergic’s website. I really like this website. The articles about the current shows update very quickly, and that helps me learn more about the shows and current events in the art world. I always feel that just going to a show and seeing the work is not enough. Now I know where to go to get more ideas about the shows.
    About his critique on my work, he is not the first one to point out that the works I show have a commercial or fashion aspect. I really appreciate that he said that. Because Im in the stage of developing the concept of this body of work. Something has more people pointing this out, and it makes me think more about it. It will helps me define my ideas.

  6. It was a pretty cool experience having the editor of Hyperallergic coming to speak to our class. Hrag had some very interesting opinions about contemporary art particularly on Bansky, which was fun. I enjoyed the way he interacted with all of us as artists and really appreciated the fact that he took time to critique all of our work. That in and of itself was quite an undertaking because of the large group and the amount of work we brought. I did feel that because of the time constraints and the time-consuming task, it was hard to get a personal connection through my work. Its not easy to convey your ideas and explain your process in such a short amount of time. That being said, it was still a fantastic experience to meet with him, learn about how he got started with his online magazine experience, and listen to his ideas about contemporary art. Thanks Ryan, for bringing in another terrific guest to the class.

  7. I love the fact that he is really getting out there and seeing what art is all over the world. Many artists will never even be spoken about except for in a very small community of friends. I really enjoyed meeting Hrag. He appeared to be every down to earth and I was surprised with all of the backing and ads on the hyper allergic site. It’s wonderful that so many people want to converse about art and young artists. I wish I had also been free enough to follow Banksy throughout New York. What an experience? To be that free with time (even though it was part of his job).

  8. It was interesting listening to Hrag and viewing his work (the current Banksy project) and seeing the blog. I do really enjoy his blog Hyperallergic. As far as his critiques go, Im not sure if he understands the process of being an artist or could relate to us since he isnt one? I mean, he said he takes pictures here and there, but in reality he is a writer who uses words to create. I guess it would be like me critiquing his writings? Its great that he is up on his art history and current artists and he is a wealth of knowledge of that. That is something I envy. Yet I do think that me not knowing every artist out there or who has ever created would limit me in my own creative pursuits. I will continue to read his blog because it is interesting.

  9. I also appreciated Hrags visit to our class and I enjoy Hyperallergic a great deal. I have been a fan for almost a year now. I appreciated learning about the lengths that Hrag will go to experience new art, not limiting himself to galleries or museums but to include art fairs and obscure events to aid his hunt to make new discoveries in art. I really enjoy following his travels on Instagram too. I was impressed with his critiques of our work. He approached each piece with ease, asking the right question to start a productive and engaging dialog with the artist – to everyone’s benefit. Thank you Hrag and Ryan for the experience!

  10. It was really great chance to meet someone who is actually very active and encouraging. One of my friend sent him an email about his show one day after the class, and Hrag was very kind to post the info about the show. I wanted to say thank you !!:)

  11. This was actually my first time meeting someone like Hrag–that is, someone who runs a site where various critics can post articles. The manner in which this opens the door for a variety of voices to cover a wide field of work strikes me as a very powerful notion. Additionally, as Hrag spoke to us I was struck by both his insight and his clear passion for talking about art. In regards to the things he showed us, I particularly liked his “shot on location” videos tracing recent Banksy appearances. The idea that some person in the crowd might be an art critic that is going to write about the event later is both humorous and thought-provoking. I was also glad that I got a chance to hear Hrag critique my work. Hrag seemed to appreciate my technique and paint-application, but questioned the manner in which I obscured the eyes in my self-portraits (almost as if I was presenting a mask). As my portraits were intended to be reveal the subject rather than hide it, this gave me good cause to rethink a few of my ideas–or, at the very least, to examine them from a different perspective. All in all, this was a great experience!

  12. I was excited about Hrag’s lecture and critique. I followed Hyperallergic for a while, and it is a good chance to know more about it. Hrag is thoughtful and helpful for me when he critique my work. I appreciate him.

  13. I had never heard of Hyperallergic previously, but it is definitely something that I will visit often in the future. Hrag was very engaging and down to earth, nothing like
    I thought an art critic would be like. I was incredibly nervous for my work to be seen and critiqued by someone I didn’t know, especially one who is a professional critic. I don’t have a high opinion of my work so I was very scared about what he would say. Luckily he was very nice and brought up good points about using celebrities in artwork, especially making sure you had a unique reason and created them in a unique way from what others have previously done. He interestingly said that it seemed I painted my eyes onto Marilyn Monroe, which was particularly funny because before he said that I was lamenting over how wonky they looked and how I wanted to fix them. However putting aspects of myself into celebrities was an interesting idea from him, though I’m not sure if I’m narcissistic enough to actually do so.
    Thank you for bringing him in to our class, it was a highlight of the semester.

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