Class Collaboration Project & Reactions

Class Collaboration Project Reactions

As of 10/29 our class has begun its collaborative project. By splitting the class into 2 groups we will proceed on conceiving and developing an idea or concept to communicate in a tangible form. A series of works will be generated and executed to communicate the idea effectively. Both groups will verbally critique and analyze the works of the opposite group they are in. Both groups will also generate and issue a statement in a written format for this page. The works will be documented. The documentation will explain the process transparently. Our critique will be on 11/19 in the Craft Center 5pm-7:40pm.

Group Concepts

Group #1

Our concept for the group project is relative to putting together a puzzle, but with an undetermined outcome. The final product of all of our contributions is not final at all, but rather a constantly evolving collage of shapes, textures, lines, and tones. We will use the idea of a map as a reference and carry out our own vision of what a map should look like in an attempt to create connections with one another’s pieces. All map designs will be considered, as well as all of the styles we choose to represent them in.
The materials we choose to use have no limits with the exception of a few things: the backing, or foundation of our artwork must be 10″ x 10″ square board, we can use only the colors green, blue, and brown, and we must create at least one puzzle piece each. We are free to create our portion ahead of time while some may choose to finish in class. Our contributions can be as abstract or realistic as we’d like. We will work together to place our individual pieces where we think they all should fit and photograph each arrangement. This will most likely be mapped on the floor.
We initiated the concept with the intention to connect and relate to each other. It began when we briefly discussed the “Before I Die” installation and shared our written personal aspirations. We are each configuring our personal compasses to direct us on our proper life path and we believe that we can visually represent that process. The artist David Hockney was mentioned and his overlapping photographic collages are made using the same process we are: many parts composing a greater whole.

Group #2

In society, women are always placed inside a box. For this project, as a group of all women we will break “out of the box.”

Each member of the group will be creating their own box. The box can vary in size and material (light weight), and each member can work in a medium of their choice (drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, etc.). The boxes will be arranged in a 3-dimensional form for the final presentation of the work as a whole (boxes will be glued together using hot glue).

Each member will do personal research for a references/resources.


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16 thoughts on “Class Collaboration Project & Reactions

  1. Our group has mixed feelings on the theme. We like that each box is unique to each artist and reflective of their personalities. The artists did not take the idea literally and just present us with broken boxes. There are two interesting things about the way the boxes are setup: the boxes are stacked in a way that it seems like they may topple over–like a balancing act suggesting that women tend to balance many different things in their lives or that they are unstable. We do wish that the boxes were closer to the edge of the table, so it was easier to see inside each one. They do not feel approachable. We wanted to touch the boxes, rearrange them and get a better look at each one but were afraid to touch the boxes for fear that it would all fall apart. The presentation also made us wonder what was underneath each box. This also suggests the idea that women have many layers. The see-through boxes intrigued us quite a bit. Some of us thought those boxes represented women that had already broken out of the box. Others felt it seemed like the person was trapped and living in a fish bowl. As a whole, we feel there are many emotional elements being presented and wonder what kind of mood would be emitted had there been dozens of boxes covering the entire table.

  2. We loved the texture and that the peice created by group one. We really enjoyed the interactive aspect, this made us look at it as a group, work together interpreting the concept. The unified color scheme really works, it is very realistic and earthy. The ten by ten size unified the piece by allowing each tile an equal identity. Despite the size restraint the use of different material allowed each piece to be individual to represent, however it works against the outcome in that we lost some of the artists identity when understanding the piece as three dimensional. The ability to keep changing the art work as a whole made it interesting and fun.

  3. I think group 1 created an interactive and cohesive piece. The texture and colors unified the project as a whole. I thought it would be interesting if there was no size requirement. For me it would have given the piece a more dynamic appeal. If they were different sizes the viewer may have been able to stack the images in top of each other creating their own separate composition. Overall i think their project was successful and portrayed their concept.

  4. I was apart of group one. Given the little amount of time we had to put this concept together I feel my group and I were successful. We created something that the second group could interact with and put together an entirely new piece.
    The second groups project was successful as well and they really got there point across. Each box told us something about the person who created it. I would have liked to have been able to have more time to think of a concept with my group and interact with ideas more than that one time in class, but we did well with the time we had.
    Going forward I would be interested in working with others on more collaboration projects. It was nice to feel like a team and bounce ideas off of each other.

  5. I think working collaboratively on this project was a great experience. We sat for quite awhile trying to come up with a cohesive concept. We were all throwing out ideas and each one of us contributed in some way, but we kept stopping to ask ourselves, “but what are we actually trying to say”. It was interesting how it took us so long to finally come up with a message that we could each interpret in our own personal way. The materials were chosen individually but the idea of the box was what kept the piece connected to one another. I think maybe it would have been more successful if we had agreed on a standard size so that it could be installed in a balanced end-product. I felt similar to the project from the other group. We had fun turning their 2-dimensional pieces into a 3-dimensional piece, but that also would have been more successful if all the artists used the same ground support for their piece. It really worked well with the same size pieces of cardboard and allowing each artist to interpret the concept with the medium of their choice. I also think the color scheme was a little limiting. I believe both projects were ultimately successful in that given the short amount of time and limitations, we were able to work together to come up with an interesting result.

  6. I wasn’t as thrilled with my group’s idea of creating a box having to do with women, and thinking outside the box. I am all for women’s rigths, but I am not a feminist, not that I feel like this project made me feel like one. It is just not a topic that I am crazy about. And all we really could do with ours was arrange them in a cluster. I do like that our project was of different sizes and shapes.I think the table should have been smaller so you can view what was inside some of the boxes (Ashley) lol, by walking around them, and getting a view from all angles.
    As for the other group’s project, I liked the textures, the similar sizes and the colors, that worked very well for their concept. I also enjoyed putting them in a 3 D manor, which was something that Group 1 had not expected. All in all it was a fun project, and not knowing until the day of what other people came up with was intriguing.

  7. I thought that a group collaboration was a good idea. It is not always easy working with others and agreeing on one idea. With the time that was given to use I believe that both groups did a great job working together. It was also nice to work with individuals who you may not usually interact with.
    I was part of group two with the box project. For my box I decided to include images and sayings that represented women in the past, present, in the future. This was a little challenging for me because at times I was not sure what to put on the box.
    As for the first groups project, I really enjoyed their idea. The same shaped pieces worked well together. The fact that their project was interactive was fantastic too.

  8. I was a part of Group 1 and the most important aspect that resulted from working collaboratively like this was that we all got a glimpse of how one another works. Their work ethic, style, and priorities were evident in their contribution. I learned how other classmates liked to make statements and how they viewed the concept. Given more time and we would have been able to see a true development and a more solid platform to critique from. I thought that the box idea from “Group 2” set up a parameter that was mostly universal and appealed to students that worked in many different mediums. Even if we had a video artist in the class they could use the monitor as their “box” or an electronic projection into a box. It’s true that it would have been better on a smaller pedestal, but we have to work with what we have I suppose. I wish that I had more time to make more pieces for my group “puzzle”.

  9. Our group collaboration was a little rocky. Maybe the chemistry wasn’t there? Maybe smaller groups? Although it was a totally enjoyable experience, we didn’t communicate well from the beginning. We needed to agree and make a more definitive concept before moving on to how we would represent it. We could have loosely outlined some of the process more for unity. Perhaps have a better idea of our presentation that would have made the outcome appear more stable… A good experience nonetheless! I have gained more insight into what makes my fellow artists and group member’s tick. That is always a good thing!

  10. Collaboration work was a chance to get in a group, which is a society. I think contemporary artists have to be active and positive to get harmonized to the society. It was a chance to think about the relations.

  11. I was actually quite impressed with the outcome of both group projects. As a member of group 1, I was one of the “map-makers.” The initial process of brainstorming with other artists was an interesting experience, and quite a number of ideas were suggested and discarded before we finally arrived at a concept that we all thought would work. From there, we went our separate ways to work in private–each artist creating their own interpretation of a map. For me, the intriguing part of this was not knowing exactly how my teammates would interpret the assignment or what they would produce. Indeed, it was a magnificent moment of revelation when we all put our work on the table for the first time to see it come together as a whole. I am especially pleased that we were able to make this into an interactive piece by encouraging the viewer/participant to take part in a puzzle that has no single right answer. And, I must say, I was very surprised by the exceedingly inventive way in which group 2 decided to piece our work together as a sculpture! Regarding group 2’s work, I strongly believe that they successfully created a very dynamic installation. Like ours, their project represents a collected sum of highly individual interpretations of a single theme. It is nothing short of fascinating to see how each artist constructed their box to suit the way that they felt best represented the ways in which women “break out of the box” of society. By combining these different perspectives, the group was able to create an expansive and powerful piece.

  12. I am in the group 2, and I like our group’s works. At first I was worried about the boxes might not well connect with each other, but once our group work together, it comes out really quick and nature. For me, the concept is wide and freedom, and the best part is the corporation as a group.

  13. I believe Group 1’s collaboration was much more successful than Group 2’s. The color scheme, size, and idea were all very cohesive, and that fact that it was interactive made it all the better. When my group was interacting with it they started getting more creative and making it three dimensional, however many people were loudly complaining that some of the materials made it hard to stand the pieces up in a three dimensional form. This was unfair since the point of the interaction was not to stand them up but to create different maps of landscapes every time you mixed up the pieces on the table.
    My group’s project was not cohesive due to the boxes all being different materials, some were found objects while others took the time to really create something. When put together at first glance it looked like a pile of junk. The only part I felt was really successful was you were able to see how different everyone was, though we were all the same gender. There was no same color scheme, no repetitive images, everyone had their own thing to express. there just should have been a way to furtehr it and make it look more like a group collaboration rather than everyone doing a separate class assignment and throwing them together.

  14. I’m in the Group 2. It’s interesting idea to let everybody to make a piece together! However, Both of us were still immature at this project. I like the idea of scheme of Group 2 but it’s lack of rules and that made our collaborations conflicted with each other. ’cause some pieces of us were too strongly personal colour and they’re hard to associate to others. The map of Group 1 is good instead of too much rules ! Those rules ruined possibilities of others!

  15. I am in the 1 group. Our goal is making a “confused map”, and we succeed! We really did a very confused map on that evening. In fact, I prefer the topic of group 2 because they can clearly show their mind though their boxes. like the “I love cat” box and the pink one with a brain inside.

  16. My comments are on the collaboration as a whole. It was a nice thought to break the class into two groups and collaborate on one theme. I was part of group two and I found everyone a joy to work with. The difficult part of a collaboration is the differences in process from ones mind to the physical result. I think for the most part we were on the same page but when we all came in with our boxes it was more difficult to put them together than I imagined it would be. I think our message was effective and everyone put in their fair share. It was a nice experience to work with a group. As far as observing group 1’s project I think they did a great job. The final piece flowed rather nicely I think it was easier for their pieces to connect due to the demand in color and paper size.

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