“Before I Die” Project Reaction

Before I Die Project Reaction


Please react and respond to Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” project here.

As a class we collaborated on installing and participating in the project.

What do you think about the project as a whole? ( review Candy Chang’s Website here – http://candychang.com )

How has the project confronted you? If you feel that it hasn’t, explain why?

After making a public statement ( “what you want to do, be, or have before you die” ) What have you learned about yourself?


Short- link to this page – http://wp.me/P3Px2D-16

18 thoughts on ““Before I Die” Project Reaction

  1. While assembling Candy Chang’s project, “Before I Die,” I enjoyed interacting outside of the classroom setting with all of you. To see people of all artistic backgrounds (and sizes) get together to put up this large installation was really exciting and refreshing.
    Interactive art opens up the art world and invites everyone to take part in the process of creating. Interactive art is exciting. It gives people the chance to anonymously ignite and share just a little part of their creative mind. The anonymity of the art participant in the “Before I Die” project allows for no filters, which presents us with a really honest/ fun/ inspiring end result.
    I find Candy’s project fit in very neatly with the theme of this course as I saw a lot of people chalking up manifesto statements… “I want to own a studio” or “be shown in a museum.” I admire people who answered brutally honest, as well as those who came up with silly and fun responses. The end result looked like the inner workings of the subconscious mind.
    Before I die, I want to… I wrote I want to trust my gut, and to take a trip without a map. I kept my answer vague because I’m sure there is no one thing in life that will keep me content or happy. Life is about evolution and I think I will be truly happy when I can find comfort in the decisions I make for myself/ the path I choose/ the mark I put on the page.
    For me, Candy’s Project is about keeping yourself in check. What do I want to do before I die? What if I die tomorrow? It’s a question of dreams and commitment to those dreams and I’m really excited to see how people (who haven’t been writing manifestos/ artist statements for the last few weeks) respond to it on Tuesday night.

  2. I’m glad that we were invited to participate in the installation by contributing our answers to the question “What do you want to do before you die?” It’s one thing to follow directions laid out for us, and we all know that judging by our status in higher education we are capable of following directions, and it’s quite another to reveal a part of ourselves to each other. What does so-and-so think is important to accomplish? What do they want to experience in this world? We left a mark this way, not only on the project but on each other.

  3. I think ‘Before I Die’ project was a chance to look back myself as an artist. I realized what I really wished for my life. I found out that, I truly want to have my career in art scene. I also had chance to know my fellow artists’ dreams. I hope all the wishes can come true.
    As an art piece, I think this project can be a conceptual art of interactive gesture with the viewers, and also with the collaborating artists. The final output of the project came out beautifully with the bright colors of wishes on the black velvet. It was amazing how random calligraphies made such a fine look.

  4. I thought that it was creative to share ideas with each other of moments we would like to experience before we die. For me this installation made me think of things that I would not normally consider myself doing but always wanted to do. Such moments included: dying my hair for fun, having the courage to get a tattoo, and have a job I love. As for the installation process I just wish that it had been a little more thought out in regards to supplies so that we could have finished it all in one night. I expected the process to go a lot quicker. I enjoyed the materials that we used such as the velvet and spray paint however, maybe if this was done again on campus I would suggest different mediums to use. Over all I think that this show was successful and the involvement in writing messages was fantastic.

  5. This project for me makes you really look at what is important to you and your life. I think it causes you to truly look at your life as it is. It may open your eyes to the accomplishments that you may have lost sight of. For some people it may steer you back on track and make your focus sharper. Maybe confronting this idea will motivate people to go out and truly do what will make them happy. For me it has solidified my motivations for becoming an artist and drives me to create.

  6. I really enjoyed being a part of the Candy Change “Before I Die” project. It was great to experience setting up the project as a class and encouraging everyone to get involved. What I especially like about this project is that it is interactive and everyone who views it can be a part of it. It inspired you to think about what you really want to accomplish in your lifetime. The night we set up the exhibit, we all took a piece of colored chalk and wrote our reactions on the wall. As a class, our responses only took up a small portion of the wall. It was incredible to return to the exhibit a week later and see how the wall was completely filled with other people’s responses. Even on the night of the opening reception viewers were still writing and responding to the question. As a whole, this project was a great experience for LIU Post and I am glad I got to be a part of it.

  7. I love the whole idea behind Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” project. I think she opened up the doors for people of all ages to engage in an art making process, while also reflecting on their own personal ideas and goals. It is a good way to communicate with others and share our thoughts without having to verbalize them, which can sometimes be a little overwhelming. I am hoping to reference this project and create a similar collaboration within my own classroom. A big thanks to Ryan for sharing this project and allowing us to be involved in the installation process.

  8. The Candy Chang “Before I Die” project was a very creative and interesting and I was happy to be part of the installation. I enjoyed the participation and writing my anonymous response, also. That being said, I was a little disappointed in the execution of the installation. I feel that the kit that was sent by the artist should have included more materials so the completion could have gone a little smoother. I was also disappointed that Candy Chang wasn’t there for the opening. I think it would have been a much more exciting experience if the artist was there to talk about her work and have a chance to see the whole project finished. I did enjoy reading the responses that people wrote and how beautiful the wall space looked with the black velvet and the colorful writing.

  9. The Installation project “Before I die” by Candy Chang was an fantastic chance for our class to collaborate and experience Installing and exhibit. It was also a terrific learning tool and exercise for our creativity. When you think about the things you want to do before you die it gets your creative juices flowing. You start to look at things in a shorter time span forcing you to think you might only have a certain amount of time on this earth to get things done. Brilliant of Candy to create a kit that we could acutally purchase and put into our own museum. I enjoyed looking at her other works as well. Once again Ryan opened our eyes to and other really talented and interesting artist. Thanks.

  10. I really really had a fun time helping install Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” project. I was almost giddy trying to think of something to write and how to do it creatively. I even had a thought of somethings that I know I will accomplish by next year and was proud of myself! (a rare occurrence) Viewing the installation as a whole was kind of empowering too! All of these people that were included, I hope they feel the same and will do something to achieve that goal that they have written down.

  11. Participating in Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” installation was a great event. I have read about and followed her work so it was exciting to take part. I really enjoyed working alongside my classmates and getting to know everyone a little bit better. Having participated has also given me the knowledge and tools to be able do this project with my students one day. Now that I have this practical learning experience I can improve upon or adapt it to my needs. Here we were asked to reflect on our lives in the context of what we want before we die? My first thought was simply I want to do so much, where do I begin? I put some more thought into my response which was, “Before I die I want to compose a piece of music”. I felt pretty good about committing to this, like composing a piece of music might be attainable and fun for me. As I read the rest of the responses, I related, had compassion for and empathized with many sentiments. I said, “Oh yes!” a bunch of times, but most of all I realized or was confronted with how much I had done, how much I had accomplished and witnessed. The things that I had taken for granted, even in these short moments that I was thinking about what may lack in my life if it were to end tomorrow. Things that many of us want, I realized I already had. I was reminded that I had plenty to be grateful for and to feel good about.

  12. “Before I Die,” was certainly a unique exhibition–one that actually presents the very fascinating concept of making audience members become anonymous participants in completing the art. The fact that the “work” is installed as an unfinished template that is meant to be gradually finished during the course of the exhibition is something that I have personally never encountered (at least not on this scale). To that end, what we hung that Tuesday ultimately underwent some fairly drastic changes each day as people came in to–quite literally–fill in the blanks. There is an element of performance here, but the variety of handwritten statements also resulted in some good old-fashioned mark making. The spectrum of responses that people gave was, to me, the most interesting part. Responses ranged from the flippant and sarcastic to the breathtakingly honest and heartrending. Truly, I am glad to have taken part in this. I myself wrote three responses: Before I Die… “I want to write a book,” “I want to truly live,” and “I want to ride an elephant.”

  13. Before I Die::
    I want to find a job that where I can live independently, I want to live with my cat and my family. I want to have my own studio. I want to overcome my anxiousness. I want to keep learning and changing. I want to know more about art history. I want to have a lot friends where we all understand each other and support each other. I want to have more chances to dance. I want to help my mom realize her dream, also for my dad too. It is really like the manifesto that we did in this class. I thought I would just randomly pick a wish and put it up on the wall, but its hard for me to put the words that really do not connect to what I truly want. I enjoyed reading everybody’s “what I want to” and I found a lot other people’s wishes that I want to do too.

  14. Before I die… I wrote I had wanted to own my own house and have a big fluffy dog. The concept for this interactive installation I liked. People all getting involved and seeing what are the desires of each of us and of strangers. Are we similar, are we completely different, I guess that comes from the up bringing of all of us, since some were born in different countries, whereas others are from the US.
    The set up was a bit lacking. Many of us were just standing around, waiting for something to do, and the fact that we only had one can of spray paint for the whole room was poor planning.

  15. I love this project! I got excited when I heard that it was coming to our school and my class was going to be installing it! I had similar experience in my high school in China: we wrote down our wishes for entering our dream university on the blackboard of our classroom before we graduated. This time, writing in English and in America, it is my “Before I Die wish!” For me, it is the perfect time to stop and think about what I am going do with my life. It is about passion, energy and goals. I really appreciate this opportunity.

  16. This was a very thought-provoking installation, one that definitely got the whole campus involved. It’s very hard to think about what you want to do before you die because there is no way to know of how much time you have left. After you are dead there is no way to come back and accomplish everything you couldn’t.

    When I wrote down some of my comments, I realized just one or two things wasn’t enough. If given the opportunity I could have filled in that entire space, and then some, all by myself. However, one that I wrote, “to find the reason for my existence” definitely encompassed a lot of what I would like to do. There are so many different things in the world to do, and if I find the right one, or multiple things that help define my existence and the reason I was born, I will feel at peace. Until then I must keep trying new things, practising other things, until I find what helps to truly define my existence.

  17. Before I die:
    I liked this project so much!!!! We can see a lot of things that people would like to do whether they could be available or not via this project. I saw lovers’ oaths, some specific targets, and somethings would never come true. It’s lucky that we are the first group to participate this project! At first, I filled up about 5 items and when I came back to the exhibition after one week, the space was almost overfull! Therefore, I saw the interactive aspects of others. Such as, there is a comment “I want to have a drivers license” and there is “+1″,”+2” behind it! lol Or there’s a “I want to be a unicorn” on the corner of black board, here comes “Good luck” just next to it. I think it’s an interesting communication format!

  18. I loved this show so much! This is a show that directly involves and can be understand by all kinds of audiences.
    First, the question is very interesting, people write down their “wish” under the “before I die statement”. Although I don’t know who wrights down their “wish”, but we can guess what kind of person this may be. I think that might be the most interesting aspect of this show.
    Also, I felt happy when I saw somebody wrote the same “wish” as me! I successfully found one! I’m feeling great about that!
    I hope that I can organize such show in the future.

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