Statement / Manifesto

Students will add their current Artist Statement or Manifesto here.

After you post your work, please comment on at least one of the other statements or manifestos. Which one’s do you resonate with and why?


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40 thoughts on “Statement / Manifesto

    Our hands are a way of relating how we are similar to the natural objects that surround us. Through the creation of paintings, reliefs, and sculpture is how I intended to relay my message. The concept of metamorphosis is how I connect the human race and other organic organisms together. The reason for this idea is to show people how we need to appreciate the natural environment. By transforming the hand with other organisms it enables us to see the resemblances. Everyone needs to realize how similar we actually are.

    1. I feel like I resonate very well if your artist statement. It seems like we are both exploring how humans are related to our natural environment. However, your imagery is much more direct than mine in that your work is much more figurative than mine. I am constantly exploring and trying to evoke human emotions, especially my own, through images that show a specific environment.

    2. I also think that people are becoming more similar to each other, as the media is getting globalized. In close future, the aesthetic judgments of individuals might be getting similar too.

    3. Sarah I appreciated your work last semester, I really like the way you have followed through with your statement it flows so nicely with your entire body of work.

  2. My ocean drawings have become a metaphor for my life. The ocean has a steady presence on earth yet its depth, movement and temperament constantly change due to the uncontrollable effects of its environment. Life is very similar to this. We are all affected and molded by situations we experience which are beyond our control. Our moods change from day to day, hour by hour, based on our surrounding environments. Through my drawings, I have been exploring the diverse moods that the ocean can convey. I have been focusing on my own perception of the ocean by illustrating is from variety of angles. Sometimes I focus on the sereneness that can be felt when viewing the ocean from afar along with the sky and the horizon. Other times I illustrate my own confusion by exhibiting a strange angle that can be seen when laying on top of a sand dune. More recently, I have been incredibly interested in the intensity and movement of the waves when being submerged in the water.

    1. Hi Melissa, My process and subject matter too have been heavily influenced by water. I have lived close to the shore all my life I am always seeking what’s beneath the surface of my expression and my surroundings. I have witnessed incredible beauty in all that water inspires, the power of its destruction, and the purification in its path. I find it humbling and inspiring.

  3. “Interaction”

    Zin Helena Song

    As a person who lives in the metro city area I use and apply the imagery that I absorb. I have discovered many fragmented geometric landscape patterns that I perceive as line drawings that surround me. The transcendence of the process begins with simple contour drawings that are then completed by flattening the lines into geometric planes painted with vibrant colors. My interests are in the arrangements and outcomes of color combinations, space, structure, geometry and composition. I play with the various compositions both on the picture plane and by customizing specifically shaped canvases. When polygonal planes meet they are intersected by each other, which create unexpected angles and effects. I find that this is influenced by the shape of the canvas, the surface-angle intersections, and of course the use of color. I see this as a potential to generate a “natural phenomenon combining my awareness of society and life.” We live in a fast paced complex world, yet I feel that many things are related one another. Some of these perceptions are interacting in ways that create synergistic effects (this is related with the term complexity theory) which I am currently exploring.

    I have been crafting customized wood shaped canvases with my own hands. Making the canvas structure and form is an important process for me. When I have decided on the shape of the canvas, I build the shape and then make the surface even. From beginning to end (which includes sanding 30+ times between applying the gesso) I draw numerous shapes divided into spaces directly onto the surface of the canvas from my imagination. Yet I know that the forms relate to my everyday experiences living in the urban landscape. During the painting application process I take awareness to this and it creates a dialog with the painting. I am learning where the shapes and forms come from directly from this process. Most of my paintings are made in a set of two. From their birth forward, the pieces seem to be talking and interacting each other. Each set contributes to the next body of works.

  4. 1. To pass over the limit, do not set the limit.
    2. Creating naturalness is the most difficult thing to do artificially.
    3. Have open mind.
    4. Art is an endless journey. There is no end, nor the answer for Art.
    5. Something NEW means something altered, which can be harmonized to the existing things.
    6. Working studio should be the most fun place to stay in.
    7. Virtue is an installment saving for life.

  5. “Possession”

    Holding objects and carrying them around has become second nature to us as possessors, and we assign importance to these things through the physical connection. We make the choice of picking certain objects up or placing them down every day. However long or often we spend with something may determine their worth to us, or how useful we consider it to be. As a developed society there are specific simple and advanced products that we use everyday and might not realize our connection to them unless we are pictured in the act of using them. I intend to depict many different users of objects in the moment of utility but without their identities being disclosed. Their individuality is not important but they exist rather as a representative of a consuming public.

    1. Correction:
      *I intend to photograph many different users of objects in the moment of utility but without their identities being disclosed.

  6. Artist Statement

    Everyday life can be very “black and white”. On a regular day the average person probably does not even realize what they saw through out that day. Its almost like we have blinders on so we don’t have to see things. When I paint I try and lend the viewer my “Rose Colored Glasses”.
    We are bombarded with so many artificial, over stimulated images everyday we start to not see things as they are. My paintings are intended to remind people of the basic beauty in an average flower or landscape. It might seem ambiguous but really it is very simple. Stop. See the color and the beauty in everything. It might not even be beautiful but it is real and from a different angle.

    -Suzi Pastorelli

    1. Suzi, I really appreciate your statement and can relate to this. I agree with you that we need to stop and look at the beauty in things. We tend to move so fast that we don’t really appreciate what’s around us. It’s a great message to relay through your paintings!

      1. I agree with Sarah, Suzi.
        The world seems like a black and white cartoon with splashes of color here and there.
        (why I draw cartoon landscapes at times)

  7. 1. Have courage to stay focused on the goal whether it is big or small.
    2. Always take time for yourself daily
    3. Negativity creates defeat; positivity creates your ideal
    4. Writing daily lists will keep you organized
    5. If you are unsatisfied with something, change it or figure out positive ways to overcome it
    6. Enjoy the sunlight as often as possible, it is a gift from god.
    7. Try something new once a month
    8. Living within your means will help create wealth.
    9. Accept that there will always be people better than you, but there is nothing wrong with striving to be close to their greatness.
    10. Create art as often as you can by, bring a pad and pen, pencil with you everywhere.
    11. Don’t let others deter you from getting or having what you want out of life.
    12. Wrinkled was not something anyone wanted to be when they grew up
    13. Don’t waste time thinking about doing something just get up and do it
    14. Try to understand everyone doesn’t think like you
    15. Creativity is a state of mind that is achieved by looking inside, yet thinking ‘outside the box’
    16. If you want it, get it!

    1. This is really motivational, and probably will inspire others who read it. It’s direct and a “no excuses” approach to achieving goals.

    2. This manifesto is really inspiring. I feel like this is a good manifesto to follow in order to organize yourself and work toward productivity. Following these 16 statements will help you be successful in not only your artwork, but in life!

  8. I have been producing drawings with charcoal and chalk pastel trying to relay a sense of layering. I use expressive line showing emotion through sharp marks and creating jagged edges. I am trying to redirect realism by wiping away perfection through this back and forth building up and of smearing of detail. My work ranges in size but is consistent with the subject of the human portrait. My work is more about the process then the end product.

  9. I am currently working on melted crayon art sculpture and relief paintings. This process is challenging and tedious because crayon wax dries quickly once melted and layered. Crayon wax is melted using a few different techniques (hair dryer, candle, double boiler and soldering iron). Color plays a strong role in melted crayon art because not all colors mix well when melted together. The overall theme of the work is nostalgia represented through symbolic images. This process involves a lot of trial and error and each piece varies in size.

  10. TO BE A HUMAN.

    I was born an artist. I am unable to accept the structures of time and decay that the world presents to us. I feel the need to share my interpretation of the collective human experience in my own way. As a human being with a conscious and unconscious life, the creative process seems unpredictable to me. But it helps me to better understand myself as a human being.
    Found surfaces, with their animated textures, extraordinary colors, strange shapes, and unknown histories, bring a new dimension to my art. They suggest images to me that I expand upon and incorporate into my work. Any life form is composed of the same matter, connected with some energetic thread. The creative process helps me to speak with the energies of this world.

    Dasha Bazanova

    1. Dasha, Your statement “I am unable to accept the structures of time and decay that the world presents to us” really stood out to me. Recently I have been rereading the book Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman that really relates to this feeling. It’s composed of short essays that question time and how it is measured. If you have a chance you should check it out. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your labyrinths. 🙂

    2. I agree with not being able to accept structures of time. This sense of “now” with todays culture is changing people and the way they view the world. Both positive and negative aspects present themselves with this advancement in technology. I guess the question I find myself asking is if it will continue to change art and the way people view it; in turn how will it change my experience as an artist?

  11. Manifesto:

    1. Seek truth.
    2. Know what you want to get what you want.
    3. Say “please.”
    4. Say “thank you;” sing it/ write it/ give it in the form of a gift…
    5. Explore: glance in, gaze out and share what you see.
    6. Don’t be exclusive; invite EVERYONE to take part in your art/ conversation/ food…
    7. Look closely, draw quickly, and trust your gut.
    8. Be honest: elaborate and expound upon, but don’t infringe with falsities.
    9. Carve into a surface, ink it and make a print of it. Scratch away that surface and carve into it again.
    10. Show people you mean business (especially when you’re having fun).

  12. I have always relied heavily on my camera to capture moments in time, particularly solitary moments where only those with a very specific trade or purpose may be present. This exercise serves is an inspiration to me as an artist and on a personal level, as well as have a deep influence on my pallet; especially since these lonesome peaceful times usually take place for me along the shore at dawn or sunrise, where light and color can change dramatically by the second. Where the body of water plays a large role as it reflects and motivates me literally, figuratively and spiritually. Through my lenses I have been capturing and documenting the commercial clam digger. I have had rare opportunities to be able to study this profession in a up close and intimate way. Having launched this concept with a manual camera where I take the step of gaining perspective into the darkroom has only given more value to the closeness I have developed with the process of expressing myself and to the process of this occupation. The concept continues to evolve as graphite drawings to study gesture or perhaps translated into black ink for the sake of line… even used in a digital manipulation, but ultimately emerging in a representational oil painting. The paintings have abstract attributes that involve the study of transforming the mark to express line, shape and form. Through this transformation I want to personify and record this unique and timely operation, hopefully bringing attention to a little known way of life that is profoundly in tune with nature and reliant on the health of our waterways.

  13. Alright, guys; first up, the manifesto.
    1. Keep moving forward–as long as you do so, you won’t lay down and die.
    2. If you are exhausted, keep working. This is when you will create your most honest work.
    3. Nothing is EVER too elaborate.
    4.Never throw anything away. Your past works are a catalogue of what got you to where you are.
    5. It is better to have an imperfect piece than to make nothing for fear of failure. The only true failure is not trying at all.
    6. Get over your ego and accept that there will always be others more skilled than you.
    7. Don’t let that stop you.
    8. Working prolifically is admirable, but occasionally taking time to shower and do laundry will make people like you more.
    9. Seriously, nothing is EVER too elaborate.
    10. Becoming angry and frustrated is natural. Staying angry and frustrated is just unhealthy.
    11. Stay anchored in reality, but don’t be a slave to it.
    12. To have good decorum is good. To have wicked-awesome chops at air guitar is better.

  14. And second, the statement.
    For me, painting has always served as a method of telling stories. My constant endeavor is, quite simply, to explore the narrative potential of both image and material. I combine representational subject matter with energetic manners of paint application in order to explore a wide variety of topics. These topics may stem from anything ranging from the historical to the introspective. My creative process often begins as meditative and reflective; I make careful and controlled drawings first as a springboard for ideas. When an interesting image or composition has been decided upon, the drawing is enlarged on wood or canvas where it is then approached with an athletic and cathartic blend of brushwork, pallet knife, and thrown paint.
    Recently, my interest in narrative has been funneled into a series of 24 self-portraits. This body of work, simply titled Self-Portraits 1-24, was accompanied by the following statement:
    “My name is Jordan Foy Walker. I am six feet and three inches tall, right-handed, and have a great deal of difficulty keeping a pair of shoes tied. I am also a living organism–a network of ever-firing nerves and neurons interfacing with an outer world. When I grow tired I sleep, when I become hungry I eat, and when I fall in love I simply look the other way. I am awkward and overly intense in daily conversation, quite fond of the color blue, and dread being inconsequential more than anything in the world. My existence is a fact.”

  15. Manifesto:

    1. Learn how to relax when I get stressed.
    2. Eat more greens.
    3. Don’t sit in front of the computer for too long.
    4. Get up earlier in the morning.
    5. Do more exercise if I can.
    6. Don’t think too much.
    7. Know how to stop when I get anxious or frustrated.
    8. Being positive all the time..
    9. Be honest with yourself when you making your work.
    10. Allow yourself spend some time to clarify the concept in your mind.
    11. Make the work process step by step.
    12. Sometimes it is good to think comprehensively, but don’t do it all the time.
    13. Stop think too much, just do it.

  16. My Manifesto:
    1. First thing when you wake up, let go of the ego.
    2. Remember to be aware of nature all around us each and every day.
    3. Have courage to forge your own path and not to follow others’ path.
    4. Being honest with oneself.
    5. Embrace change and welcome it.
    6. Don’t forget to dance!!!! (Wiggle your butt and dance naked!)
    7. Not only to live life, but to pay attention to our senses (smell, touch, sight).
    8. Embrace every creature with compassion.
    9. Remember to enjoy LIFE (taking walks every week and soak in the present).
    10.Meditate at least once a day.
    11.Give hugs!
    12.Surround yourself with positive people.
    13. Listen to your thoughts and pay attention to the patterns.
    14.If you do not like something about oneself….CHANGE IT!
    15. Always give your best.
    16. Live within your means and never beyond.
    17. Give thanks to whatever higher being you believe in.
    18. Embrace solitude.
    19. Draw a LOT…keep a sketchbook on you at ALL times.
    20. As you view others, think of painting them in your mind… sketching out first than adding color the person/landscape/still life. Colors like burnt umber, yellow ochre, ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue… beautiful lines… etc. etc. …
    21. You never know what kind of life a person lives or what one is going threw, so forgive the negative people and send them positive vibes.

  17. Manifesto:

    1. Value the time you have everyday and use it wisely.
    2. Make a plan of action for projects.
    3. Put on some music.
    4. Dress up and wear something that makes you feel good.
    5. Take you camera with you.
    6. Meditate for 15 minutes a day.
    7. Revisit incomplete projects.
    8. Read more stories
    9. Draw something from memory everyday.
    10. Enjoy the sun while its out
    11. When stressed out ask yourself if this will matter in 1 year.
    12. When challenged by your significant other take a breather for 10 minutes to calm down instead of arguing.
    13. Keep confident and remember why you started.
    14. Be your own cheerleader.
    15. Exercise once a day for at least 30 min.

  18. Liz Fusco- Manifesto

    1) Draw from life whenever possible
    2) Always keep a pencil and sketchbook handy
    3) Travel to new places
    4) Be open to trying new things
    5) Take instruction from different people, even your students
    6) Breathe in Nature
    7) Be thankful for everything
    8) It’s never too late to live your passion
    9) Visit museums as often as you can
    10) Teach a child how important it is to create
    11) Go to an art store to look at all the possibilities you can create with
    12) Make your creating time a priority
    13) It’s important to really “see” what you’re looking at
    14) Don’t be afraid to fail
    15) Don’t expect to have a masterpiece all the time
    16) Sometimes it’s all about the journey

  19. I really enjoyed this class, it made me think a lot about the future of my art. I am also thankful to everyone for coming to support me the night of my show despite the weather. I’m happy that I ended my time here at post with such a wonderful group of people. Thank you again- Jill

  20. Mengxing Hu-Manifesto

    1, Be aware of everything
    2, Set up specific time for specific things
    3, Be honest to yourself
    4, Write down your thoughts
    5, Stay with the world
    6, Always learn
    7, Explore your feelings

  21. My Manifesto:
    1.Never,never,never too late to do any new attempt.
    2. Let it be when you cannot stop.
    3.It’s not a shame to fail. It’s a shame that you give up before you try.
    4.A portrait is not a likeness.
    5.Don’t believe anything with strongly concern.
    6.No one can accompany with me forever but myself.
    7.I want it’s 48 hours in a day. lol
    8.Be nice.
    9.Never stop thinking.
    10.Keep calm and carry on

  22. 1. Do not procrastinate
    2. Do not waste free time, use it to create (drawing, writing, etc)
    3. Put 110% into everything, especially my artwork
    4. Sketch more, try to do 1 drawing a day, whether it’ from observation or my imagination
    5. Try all different art techniques, especially ones I’ve been afraid of
    6. Write creatively, no matter what the subject, something might be worth developing (perhaps writing/illustrating my own children’s book)
    7. Present my self and my work coherently and how I’d like to be seen
    8. Learn new skills, such as reading/playing/writing music, speaking other languages.
    9. Treat my body better, be a healthy as I can be
    10. Do not be afraid to express myself, ignore other people’s judgements if they are not helpful in any manner

  23. 1. Everybody is the director of their lives
    2. Everything that makes you cry is valuable, because it can help you grow up.
    3. More practice can make more perfect.
    4. Try to smile every day.
    5. Live healthy, eat healthy, do the best on your work.
    6. Life is yours, don’t follow anybody.

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