MFA Thesis Submission – Updated Requirements

All MFA Students:

Please be advised that the submission deadline for all MFA students graduating in May of 2019 has been recently updated via the Art Dept.

All graduating MFA students must submit their Thesis proposal by December 7th 2018. The paper will be submitted to Professor Seung Lee.


Updated Thesis guidelines below are taken from the MFA Student Handbook.

(You can download a PDF copy of the handbook here)


The Thesis Proposal is written in the “Art 550; Art Criticism for Artists” class.

The instructor will detail the requirements for this paper, which will be submitted by the end of the fall semester prior to the student’s Thesis show in the spring.

In brief, a Thesis Proposal should detail:

  • The Creative concept within the work
  • The Technical aspects of the work
  • The Exhibition, as the student plans to present it

The proposal MUST have a title, and it should be 5-10 typewritten pages.

Students will select two full-time studio faculty members to be their Thesis Committee members whose purpose is to review the student’s Thesis Proposals at the end of the fall semester.  The Committee members must sign a Thesis Committee Form to prove that they have read the essay and are working with the student on their Thesis Proposal.  This Thesis Committee Form will act as a cover page for the Thesis paper.  Again, the Paper and Form will be turned in by the end of the semester prior to the student’s last semester. The Proposal will be kept on file with the student’s permanent record.


*Leave a comment of question below for further clarity, or contact me via e-mail or bring your questions to class to discuss.

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