ART550 Week of 9/25/18

1. Interview Questions – Last week, we heard from top contemporary artists like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Mariko Mori, James Turrel, Kara Walker & Marina Ambromovic via a series of video interviews and artist talks. (The blog post is here, did you respond?) Let’s consider, what would you ask any of these artists if you had the opportunity to sit down with them for 1 hour? Each student should generate at least 5 questions. You can write this by hand or type it out, and we will discuss in class – maybe after, you want to blog about it or share it on social media? The process is wide open.

2. MFA/MA Thesis Writing Guide discussion – Please read the essay and respond in the form of a comment on the How to Write Your MFA thesis in Fine Art essay on my blog. Please comment directly on the blog post itself. Go here -> –

3. The Artist Manifesto / Personal Statement. Why is this important? We will examine the manifestos of several diverse artists over a historical timeline. Generating new a Technique, Process & Execution.

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