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ART550 – MA & MFA Thesis / Personal Research Paper Examples


Below are 2 great examples:  The first is an the MA Thesis written from the post thesis exhibition perspective, and the second one is a first semester MFA reflective / research paper in progress.

Both papers are great examples and follow the template that we spoke about during the first part of our semester, you can refresh your memory on that format here.

Click the hyperlinks to view.

1. Meghan Hallock – MA Thesis, pre-graduation submission draft – Click Here – “Blue”

2. Leonard Altinori – MFA first semester research paper of works in progress – Click Here to Read

Feel free to leave comments and feedback below.

The Internet’s Own Boy Documentary

I would like you to watch the portrait documentary of Aaron Swartz, The Internet’s Own Boy.

Aaron Swartz was a prodigy web developer that participated in some seminal web projects – RSS, Creative Commons licensing, and Reddit. He founded Demand Progress which successfully campaigned against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) with a broadly adopted 24 hour internet blackout of well know sites like Wikipedia. Swartz was later arrested by M.I.T. police for systematically downloading thousands of academic articles from JSTOR and federal prosecuted with charges of wire fraud and 11 violations of the Computer Abuse and Fraud Act. Facing possible jail time, Swartz committed suicide at the age of 26. Larry Lessig who was a mentor, colleague, and friend to the much younger Swartz commemorated his life and work with Lessig’s appointment as Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School with a lecture titled “Aaron’s Laws: Law and Justice in a Digital Age.

Reactions to this assignment are optional and not mandatory, if you choose to react please post all reactions in the comments section below.

Guest Artist Visit Reactions

On Tuesday night 11/7/17 Reem Hussein was our guest artist in ART550. Reem shared her experiences as an MFA student, artist and educator. She is currently the director of the Mannes Center for Art Education at the Nassau County Museum of Art. We followed up her talk with a Q&A from the class. 

Students were asked to bring in one piece of current art work for a critique led by Reem.  A dialog about each student’s work proceeded.

In the comments section below please share your sentiments and reactions about what you learned from the evening as a whole.

What insights, comments or reactions have stuck with you? What do you see or understand now about your piece/work that you may have not seen prior to the critique?

Feel free to also include other thoughts and feelings.




11/7 – Class Reminder – Guest Artist Info

Dear Class,

This is a reminder. All students will bring in one piece of current work for a critique and discussion with our guest artist on Tuesday 11/7 starting at 5pm. 

This can be anything that you wish just as long as it is current work. Please do not bring in work from 5 years ago,  a wet painting or work that is difficult to transport.

The guest artist will give a presentation first, followed by a Q&A. The critique will take place after.

Week of 10/31 – Info & Assignment

**Note – Tuesday – 11/7 – Guest Artist Visit – Presentation, & Critique .

*Students will bring in one piece of current work for critique and discussion with our guest artist.

Week of 10/31 – Info & Assignment –

This week in class we began a discussion about responding to various works of contemporary art that fall outside of the traditional. We talked about how we can suspend our first judgements of what we may interpret as “the unconventional” or “strange” and look deeper into the works with out jumping to first impressions and opinions? Easier said than done..

*Students should view, screen & engage in the content below by selecting a piece (or two) of work to react and respond to in the comments section below.

In your response, you may choose to react from the perspective of the artist. What do you think the artist is communicating and what do they want the viewer to most understand? you are also welcome to discover a work that is not included below and share the URL along with your response.

We touched on a few specific examples including:

  1. Joseph Beuys’s action / performance of 1965 – “How to explain pictures to a dead hare” (below) Rich in symbolism and metaphors, what do you see or not see in this piece? (further research may be needed and is welcome to form your response).


2. Rhizome’s NET ART Anthology. A two year online exhibition that portrays the history of Internet Art. –

There are several pieces in this building series, you may need to get very specific about what piece or pieces you wish to respond to. (Use the titles in the website’s link to help your classmates identify them)


3. Marina Ambramovic, Various works.

Several examples of her performances can be found here: –