Week of 10/17 Part 2 – Assignment

This coming week in our class on 10/24 we will engage in our class Collaboration project #1 .

This is a studio work session / reflective exercise based class.

Students will chose to bring in the materials of their choice (not mandatory but you may choose to, and if so, I suggest dry media) to start, complete and present their group pieces during this class session. If you have a lap top computer, this would be a good class to bring it to (not mandatory but may prove useful).

This class project is generated, presented and critiqued in immediacy all in one class session. We will record our process and results by publishing them to our class blog.

*DUE on 10/24: Thesis / Research paper outline. Please e-mail your work to me or print out a copy and bring it to class. A synopsis for each criteria listed in the class writing template here.


*Historical Collaborations – Take a look at some of these examples over the course of your week. Bring any ideas that you have to class.

The 10 Most Memorable Artist Collaborations




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