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Week of 10/17 Assignments & Info

We begin our 10/17 class with a reviewing your writing progress, a look into what has been accomplished thus far, what can be improved and applied.

**Last week we spoke about the campus writing center, did you make an appointment?

We also spoke about creative approaches writing an artist statement by generating a list or a series of short statements. Let continue to develop those short fragmented statements into full sentences and paragraphs.

Class collaboration project#1 will take place next week during our class session – It will be an introduction and concept generating session. An in class group brainstorming exercise will take place.

We will also be discussing the works of several artist collaborations over a historical timeline as well as student works from previous semesters. The class will break up into two groups to generate and idea/concept and plan to create and present the works.

Historical Collaborations – Take a look at some of these – What do you like or dislike?

The 10 Most Memorable Artist Collaborations



Due Next Week – Research paper / Thesis (for MFA Students) Outline – A synopsis for each criteria listed in the class writing template here.