Class Collaboration Statements & Reactions.

In class on 11/15/16 students presented their class collaboration pieces.

Broken up into two groups, each group will now:

  1. Apply their group’s collaborative statement about their piece. What was the driving idea or concept that led to the creation of the actual art work?
  2.  Each group will add their reaction to the opposite group’s presentation and works. What do you see? Is the art work successful? Explain.

Statements and reactions will be posted here in the comments section below.

Each group is responsible for e-mailing me photographic or video documentation of the works generated by their group.

Group #1


Group #2

6 thoughts on “Class Collaboration Statements & Reactions.

  1. Nicole Scoca – Group Two

    1- For our group we decided our collective statement/ theme would be GOVERNMENT
    We were all able to come up with our own interpretation of government. Then collaborate by placing the works together with the same theme and size 11×12.
    Government to me is a tricky concept to grasp. I am knowledgeable about the united states government and how it works, however, voicing my opinion is not always easy. We are taught that it is not “ok” to talk about politics in any situation. It makes people uncomfortable and causes conflict. I have always been an artist that voices opinions based upon a society group of people or myself through my work. I have been trying to stray away from voicing opinions because I feel sometimes it is unfair to ALL viewers. This project I did voice my own personal opinion about one of the presidential candidates for the 2016 election. Hillary is portrayed as a liar with a Pinocchio nose. As our potential future president she would do nothing but kill our American government hence the skull and crossbones on the presidential seal. I, as a United States citizen could not bring myself to trust her to be a successful president.
    I found it extremely interesting how all of our pieces were able to complement each other in some way. Color, statement, and marks. I believe this is an interesting collaborative project in any setting or culture. A group of people can come together and can make so many different statements based off of one word. I see this almost everyday in my classroom. It just goes back to the awesome things art can do to a group of people.

    2- I really enjoyed how group one took a similar experience that has been happening to them and portrayed it themselves. I think that is a really great exercise. They are all experiencing something that is frustrating to them and expressing it in a collaborative/ playful work. I do think that they should include a Title of some sort, and maybe expand on the idea with a concise ending. I do think they should display this somewhere for others that they are describing to see. They should fight for better critiques! – for the sake of the masters program that is getting smaller and smaller each year. Everyone that is putting their work in front of their professors should get a more professional critique with constructive feedback – this will make the artist have a more positive experience with his or are work. Great idea!

  2. Our group project was a cartoon satire illustrating a critique on a critique. The text was a collaborative effort to reiterate specific instances we have personally experienced during our own critiques.

    Lightheartedly mocking both contemporary art and our own beloved professors, we challenge the validity of the critique process as a whole.

    Responce to group 2

    Group two’s project, served as a reminder of the differences between the Chinese and American government systems and appointed/elected officials. By playing off these differences, each group member created their own work in various mediums, highlighting their concerns in their respective governments. The work touched upon the issues of media- the dangers involved in media having too much leeway with no accountability and the dangers of media having no freedom of all.

  3. Our group’s presentation is about the US government and the Chinese government’s election. Two different countries have two different forms of politic. This is the idea of ​​our presentation ,we wants to compare the two countries of the election.This is a very interesting thing for me. We can not participate in any government elections in China. But in the United States every citizen can participate in government elections, which is a good thing.Indicating that the United States is a truly open country. In this presentation,I used Ai to make a picture of the Chinese leader. He looks very nice, but in fact it is a good leader, he is very tough to punish corruption in the government.

  4. Phyllis-Group two
    About the presentation,we discussion the electoral machinery between China and America. I do an illustration about our chairman,in China we always use “chairman” not president.The background I use the Chinese national flag, the building is very famous in China called”Tian An Men”. Many people want to watch the raising of the flag at sunrise every day. The chairman we always called”XI DADA”,like a nickname. He break a board with “corruption”.In China, even we are citizen, we still do not have the right to vote. I admire american, you have the right to make a sound at least. I really like this presentation, group one show us a very fresh idea to do a presentation,and talk about our group,everyone’s work is great !!!

  5. Group 1 project was well done and really expressed their frustration with the critique process that they experience. While viewing their work, I was able to put myself in their shoes and started to think how I would feel if I was in their situation. I liked the fact that they were mildly mimicking contemporary art with the tissue on the floor.. but at the same time they were advocating for our professors to be more aware of contemporary art and open to more contemporary ideas. One piece of constructive criticism that I would give would be for them to use different pictures for each frame instead of the same picture three times. I think it would add to the narrative and would help to portray a comic book feel.

    Our project originally started because of the cultural language barrier that we had within our group. We were trying to think of a theme that we all could relate to on a personal level and be excited about. Being that we were right in the middle of one of the most controversial elections in American history, we thought that the theme of government would be a good meeting point for both cultures. While doing the project, I learned a lot about the Chinese government that I never knew, some things that were very shocking to me. Being that our group did not have time in class where we all were present, we decided to each create our own square format artwork that we could use a medium of our choice to create. It was interesting when we all finally got together to put the four pieces on a black board. Although there were different processes and mediums they did work really well together and balanced each other out. My personal 1/4th of the finished artwork showed a blue and red firework towards the top of the composition that bursted and are raining down over a pile of burning garbage and rubble that is a metaphor for the US. I was feeling frustrated with our choices for the soon to be elected president. The blue and red fireworks represent the two parties. I was expressing that at the time, I felt that no matter which way the election went, it was going to be a disaster. I am normally not so negative and have changed my tone since that day, but at the moment thats how I was feeling.

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