Class on Election Day 11/8/16 info

Due to Election Day on Tuesday – 11/8/16 – I have decided to push back our class collaboration presentation activity until next week week 11/15 – Please be prepared to present the completed group work on that night.

On Tuesday 11/8/16 – for those who will be attending class – we were introduced to a digital publishing platform called NEWHIVE – to work on a series of NET-ART dependent works that express our feeling about the 2016 presidential election.

Click the link below to view the completed NET ART works:


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1 thought on “Class on Election Day 11/8/16 info

  1. I am really happy that you introduced this website platform to us. It was fun to be 100% reactive, without really thinking through a plan in a sketchbook. It was a unique experience for us to be in class on the night of such an insane election, and it was interesting to see everyones immediate feelings on the situation and be able to scroll through them all together.

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