Guest Artist Presentation & Critique Reactions


On 11/1/16 – Artist, LIU Post Alumnus and Professor Meredith Starr guest Lectured about her work and led students through a class critique of their work.

In the comments section below please share you thoughts and reactions:

What did you thing about Meredith’s work and projects?

What did you think about how Merdedith asserted herself and presented her work?

How did you receive the critique, feed back and sentiments about the work you brought in to class.

How did this class inspire you or activate new awareness to something about yourself?

Please add any additional information you would like to share?

You can check out more of Meredith’s work here –


11 thoughts on “Guest Artist Presentation & Critique Reactions

  1. Our guest artist Meredith was a lot of fun. I can definitely see that the teacher in her presents itself where ever she goes, she made it easy to tell her how we really feel about our experience in the program at LIU. I felt that she gave a lot of insight into how the program used to be and it was great to see pictures of her work in the final Thesis show.
    There was really good documentation of the work that she has done since her MFA. I really enjoyed hearing about the details of how she got things done-many working artists aren’t as open in that way. I will definitely take advantage of the places she suggested for us to look into.
    I can really relate to the use of multi-sensory installations as I am working in similar mediums with video. Seeing her installations actually encouraged me to consider the audio of my pieces more that I have been. Lastly, during critique of my piece both professors had great contemporary artists to look up-which as we know is refreshing. Thanks Meredith, I hope to run into you in the art community again 🙂

  2. I know Meredith was supposed to be a surprise guest- but I ran into her at an opening a month back and she actually spoiled it for me hahaha

    I remember seeing her works on paper a while back- but I was totally excited to hear about the installation aspects of her work. Where the 2d drawing were incorporated, but they were also animations- and projections- and there was accompanying audio– AND even changing the temperature of the room. That really got me- it’s something so simple, but I never would have thought to change the temperature of the space- i just assumed accepting whatever temperature the room was- wanting the viewer to be comfortable and be able to stand and see the work– but what if I don’t want that? Am I catering to the viewers comfort levels? Thinking of how the viewer is personally experiencing it– it doesn’t necessarily have to be pleasant and warm- does it??

    She mentioned treating your studio as a gallery- and that she embedded speakers into the walls of her studio– another thing that seems so simple but so effective.. That’s something I’m definitely going to look into– and then just play music on my own and Sam can come and yell at me for playing the same some eight times in a row.

    I also really loved how she talked about “seeing each idea through in each medium.” Where one concept will transform through different mediums- even if it doesn’t exactly work out as planned- you still went and tried it to see how it would change in a different medium. That’s something I have trouble explaining during critiques, whether it’s someone asking ‘okay yeah you have the stained glass pattern but why did you make it in plaster’ – cause I had to!! Even if right now, the plaster crumbled and it’s sitting in a box in my studio- he’s still there!! Or if I have to take /one/ piece out for critique- like, I have so much more to this piece than just the stained glass version of it- I have prints and copies and a stencil– it’s a weird feeling to pull out just //one/// thing. Cause it’s all in different mediums- but it’s still the same thing- it still feels like one related thing. What kind of tangent is this

    And lastly– just liked listening to how excited Meredith was talking about her own work- where she was practicing shouting at us about the poet and how the universe brought them back for him to participate in her opening. Too funny. Personally, I don’t have that much interest in biology- the last biology class I took was in high school and it was such a battle. But just from listening to her talk about how it’s inspired her work and all the things that has come from it- was really awesome. The way she spoke and presented makes you want to care haha

  3. I really enjoyed hearing Meredith speak about her work and explain how she creates her artwork. I appreciate how time consuming her process is because I know that for myself I would never be able to have a process that is so meticulous and time consuming! When she was talking about her scientific cough artworks, I loved that she said that she would listen to tv shows that are scientifically driven to get all of her senses engaged in the process.

    My favorite thing from her presentation is how much of an advocate she is for herself as an artist. She has been a working artist for a number of years and still once a week goes on websites to sign up for “call for artists” to keep getting her name out there.

  4. Merredith gave us such a great view into her personal journey of becoming an artist. Starting with her time here at LIU Post and continuing on as a career artist, I found it exciting to see how successfully she transitioned from student to professional. Merredeth’s ideas about sound gave me ideas about my own work and how tuning into the the viewers many senses – not just visual, can be so effective if done right. I look forward to following her career as it developed and seeing new exciting work.

  5. I think that Merdedith was a great artist to come and talk to us. I have known her since I was an undergrad, and we installed many shows together – I even remember helping her install her MFA show, about love with the sound waves! So funny. I had to wear these white gloves and she was using velcro to get it on these curved walls. She was so worried about the presentation and that it would not work. I admired how much she cared about her work then. I have only known her as a friend and never really got to talk to her about her art practices or process.

    She is every bit a teacher. Using a slideshow to go through her span of work was really cool to see. I wish to someday be able to have a slideshow like hers. That is a great exercise for any artist to create their slide show of their career and keep in ongoing. It is really great to hear someone in person telling their story, rather than reading about their career from an article. I think it is amazing how well she was able to portray her thoughts visually. Her work and inspiration was so clearly seen. Her work was done amazingly. She has such great mark making and I really like how she built upon her inspirations. I was completely inspired at how she uses sound and other elements within her drawings. Lately I have been inspired by insects (BIO) and I would like to maybe use sound within my work as well. Similar to Merdedith, I am always thinking about the end presentation before I begin. I think it is the best way to create. Throughout the presentation I found myself jotting down little notes about things that inspired me. I regret forgetting to bring in a work of art but just from listening to her comments about other people’s work, I think her feedback was extremely positive and beneficial to those artists.

  6. Knowing Meredith as a co-worker at Suffolk County Community College only showed me one facet of her multi-dimensional self. I had known that she is a great professor from students and fellow faculty, and I remember really enjoying her artwork (I checked out her website after our first meeting over a year ago)! Hearing about her process and seeing artwork I had never seen before was quite exciting to view and hear about! She has such an infectious personality, her series “The Viral Virus” really was contagiously enlightening and her excitement is clearly evident when she critiqued all our works. Her knowledge of the art world is apparent and she was able to give us engaging and stimulating critiques that I think we all valued. I appreciated hearing about her practice and how she sets aside one full day a week to create art. Discipline is something I am finding difficult to impose on myself and I hope I can do as she does and create more in the future. I loved how she meticulously creates her paintings, and the pure scale is impressive. I especially liked seeing the Photolithograph series, “I’m Not in Love/I’m Always in Love” and hearing about her projections and how she altered the temperature in the room to make people feel uncomfortable. Overall I felt the critique fun and inspirational.

  7. Thank you all so much for having me and for this incredibly positive feedback-you are all so talented – you inpsire me! What stands out to me the most from our visit was how you each have your own artistic practice, pursuit of different media and meaning behind your work — I can’t wait to see what you all do next. I am especially excited for your thesis exhibit!!! Stay in touch!!

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