The Artist Interview: In Reflection

In class on 9/20 we broke up into partners to conduct interviews with each other.

Each student was asked to generate 5-8 questions to ask a fellow artist partner about their current work. The answers were recorded by the interviewer and then given back to the interviewees.

The interviewees become aware of their spoken word when placed in a direct question interview format.

Please add your comments below to the following questions –

What was the most helpful aspect of the interview process?

What did you discover about your spoken reactions after reviewing them in a written format?

How did this exercise impact your writing after the experiment? Did you apply this to your midterm artist statement? Have you been developing your thesis structure via this experience?

Share any other related reactions from the experience here in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “The Artist Interview: In Reflection

  1. I really did enjoy this exercise. It was nice to be able to edit while writing instead of just speaking right away. I found it interesting that I was writing and answering the questions how I would speak. I am aware that my writing skills are not the greatest, often I write how I would talk. I believe part of this problem comes from texting and writing emails all day.After this experience I would really like to bring my writing to the next level and try to sound more sophisticated. Every time I write, I now try to see if it sounds as if I was talking aloud. I think that this process would be beneficial to practice before an interview or an important meeting. Although, sometimes I think that my writing has some character, it is not always the correct way to write.

  2. Hi Prof. Seslow,

    I am unfortunately not going to make it to class tonight, I’m not feeling so good.

    -Victoria Pendzick Sincerely,

    Victoria Pendzick(Sinacori)

    College Photographer-Media Services

    Suffolk County Community College

    Sagtikos Building Photo Studio Room 143

    1001 Crooked Hill Road

    Brentwood, NY 11717



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