What is a Manifesto and why is it important to write one?

What is a Manifesto and why is it important to write one?

On 9/27/16 we will dig into the definition of a manifesto as a class. Students will generate experimental manifestos and later post them below.

According to merriam-webster.com : “a manifesto is written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group” This is usually made public to hold one to their statements.”

Examples we will look at::

Manifestos for Art, Life & Business – 






12 thoughts on “What is a Manifesto and why is it important to write one?

  1. I think art is lonely.
    The artist may not be understood for a long time.
    A Manifesto of art for me is a kind of power, can help me better to complete the works of art?

  2. Elizabeth Jordan
    Artist Statement

    I began my career as an artist photographing and studying, the trends of poverty around the developing world. My photographic images most often taken in difficult settings, intended to capture the beauty and dignity of people living in extreme circumstances and how the world communicates with them. My focus on women and children evolved as I noticed their hardships were exaggerated by the lack of political representation and cultural value, leaving them vulnerable financially and medically.
    My work is evolving today to include light installations using fiber optics and led, painting and ceramics. It is continuing to address gender equality, now merging the juxtaposing concepts of theoretical and hypothetical, aesthetic and conceptual.

    1. Elizabeth, this indeed functions more like an artist statement than a manifesto, how can we convert your sentiments into a list, much like the examples in the links that I shared? See you tonight to discuss more.

  3. -There is only make.
    -If you can’t beat fear- then just do it scared.
    -I am the roof as well as the pillars.
    -I hope you don’t like it.
    -The secret was- I was already a monster.
    -You brush your teeth, right?
    -If you gonna tell me no- at least you gonna tell me something.
    -The heart needs its own blood.
    -Beyond the mountains are more mountains.
    -Protect your enthusiasm.
    -Make lists of things when you’re busy, and when you don’t want to do anything, you get up and you do those things.
    -Find a place to bury the body.

  4. I make photos to tell the story of me.
    Although it’s an edited version of what I want the world to see.
    I want to leave a visual history of my ideas, whether they are good or bad.
    I want to be true to my work so I can be proud of it.

  5. Artist Manifesto
    1. Try to find self growth from every situation
    2. Don’t forget that your art practice is exercise for your soul-just do it.
    3. Be vulnerable!
    4. Give 100% of yourself to every job you do
    5. If you see something, say something
    6. Expansion, always- in all ways
    7. Visit creative spaces/watch videos and documentaries often
    8. Always have a teacher and someone you are teaching
    9. Stand up for the small guys
    10. Always question the version of reality you are told

  6. 1. Not to define myself as just a graphic designer because in order to be one, one must be an artist in general, I have to experience art in as many ways as possible.
    2. Through the movies I watch, the dance I dance, the books I read, and the places I see.

    3. I have become aware that I am an artist seeking inspiration all the time, every day.

  7. Artist Manifesto:
    1. Think of the R’s: Reflect, Research, Rebuild, Reference
    2. Starting a new work is the hardest part
    3. Use multiple materials
    4. Go back to old work
    5. Take opinions
    6. Work big and small
    7. Be inspired
    8. Create for you not for others
    9. Excitement will complete work
    10. Make everything the best work

  8. Artist Manifesto:

    To strive; push far enough
    To know when far – is far enough
    To You – Tube “How to…” once a day
    but never listen what they say.
    block out noise and bad reviews
    focus clearly on your muse.
    release your grip, you’re not in charge
    the world has plans for you at large.

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