Important Time Sensitive Info for all MFA students graduating this coming May 2016:

Important Time Sensitive Info for all MFA students graduating this coming May 2016:

Please read all of the info carefully.

  1. Our Tuesday 12/1/15 class session will be a Thesis / Research Paper Revision workshop. We will be discussing the revision process. Students will break up into groups and discuss and edit drafts of each other’s papers. Please bring 2-3 printed copies of your current thesis/paper in progress, or prepare digital versions to e-mail to each other. Please e-mail or bring a printed copy for me as well.

2. Tuesday 12/1/15 – in class we will be filling out the “MFA Thesis Proposal Form” which will served as a cover page for your thesis proposal paper. This form must be returned to Professor Neill Slaughter’s mailbox no later than this coming Friday 12/4/15. If you miss our class this week, you are 100% responsible to pick up the form from Cristina in the art office and return it to Professor Slaughter’s mailbox.

3. Your Final Thesis Papers must be submitted to me, and to Professor Neill Slaughter no later than Tuesday 12/15/15. You may submit the paper anytime before this as well. An e-mail copy is fine for me, but a printed copy should be prepared and submitted to Professor Slaughter.

3.  It is highly advised that all students contact the writing center on campus to have their final research and thesis papers evaluated. You can do this with your current drafts as well.

The Writing Center is located in Humanities Hall, 2nd floor, room 202.

Contact them by Phone: 516-299-2732

Contact them by E-mail:

Keep in mind that end of semester is near, please contact them today to make an appointment!

Writing center url –

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