Contemporary Artist Collaboration References

This is a series of resources to investigate both during our class time on 11/10 and on your own outside of class. In the comment section below please add feedback and or a list of your favorite artistic collaborations,

Robert Rauschenberg and Jean Tinguely –

Andy Warhol & Jean Michel Basquiat ––jean-michel-basquiat

Matthew Barney & Bjork – 

NY Times Article –

Watch the full version of Drawing Restrain 9 here –

Artist Collaborations with Fashion –

Interesting Article on Artistic Collaboration from 2012 –

2 thoughts on “Contemporary Artist Collaboration References

  1. Collaboration: to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something.
    There are types of arts that work better or require collaboration such as music, dance, or acting. As for visual art such as painting, the work is generally produced as individual. There are times that several artists coordinate the art together, especially for graffiti. I think that is appropriate since the work gets done quickly in a massive space. Also there is benefit for collaborating. Artists exchange ideas and learn something that never been thought out. I believe collaboration is beautiful thing because one has to be open minded and take off the layer of one’s ego.

    For myself, generally, art work is done in isolation. I find that when I am alone there is more creativity in my mind. Yet I am not completely isolated because at times I need urge to observe and share other lives. Just I require a little longer time to digest what I witnessed and heard from outside of world. However I would not mind working with other artists once in a while when the chance comes.

  2. In the early 90’s had the opportunity to work on several small collaboration projects. Although I enjoy the energy of working alonside of other artists I don’t always enjoy the collaboration process. By nature I like to get lost in my work, I make spontaneous decisions as I work. I find it difficult to be spontaneous when you are collaborating perhaps it is due to the fact that I am often insecure about my work. The larger project I worked on was difficult because most of the artists in the group were timid and had difficulty making decisions. We struggled as a group because we didn’t want to upset each other. The one person who took charge inflicted his ideas on the rest of the group none of us was willing to speak up and in the end the project felt disjointed. The smaller 2 person project that was more successful. I think the difficulty in collaboration is that one person seems to dominate. I watched the Disney-Dali Collaboration, Dali’s contribution was much more apparent than Disney’s. I did enjoy it though and wonder what it would be like if they created it today with all of the new technologies.

    I also watched the Matthew Barney and Bjork Collaboration, Drawing Restraint 9.Visually it was incredible.

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