Steinberg Museum of Art, Faculty Exhibition Reactions

On Tuesday October 20th we took a class visit to the Steinberg Museum of Art to view the Art Dept. Faculty Exhibition. We were lucky to receive a guided tour from Kristy Caratzola, a collections director at the museum.

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2 thoughts on “Steinberg Museum of Art, Faculty Exhibition Reactions

  1. Professor Joan Harrison’s works were stunning! At the first sight, they looked like photographs but one step closer, they are pastel drawing. It is more accurate to say they are pastel paintings. The fact that draw my attention further was that her works displayed more vitality than photography could. There is so much energy in each painting that her inner voice sipping through her work. Maybe, Professor Harrison’s direct hands contact to the paper cause those powerful vitalities. They were very moving pieces.

  2. I always enjoy seeing the faculty work . It provides students with an understanding that the professors are actively engaging in professional work… they practice more than what they preach. I was glad to have the in depth discussion about the work because, I generaly buzz through the Steinburg on my way to somewhere else and don’t often get to closely look at and think about the work that is in there. It helped to hear what the curator had to say about some of the pieces.It gave me a deeper understanding for the work and why I was drawn to certain pieces. I loved Joan Harrisons pastels, they were spectacularly beautiful. It wasn’t until I walked up close to Dan Cristofel’s piece “Virginia Wolfe” that I realized the black marks were actually writing. He has an incredible language in his mark making with both the pen and clay.

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