Important! Our Class meets in Humanities on 10/6 @ 5PM

Dear Class,

We have a slight change in plans this week. We WILL be meeting in our classroom in Humanities on Tuesday 10/6 @5 pm – Please spread the word.

(We will be rescheduling our visit to the Museum on 10/20)


4 thoughts on “Important! Our Class meets in Humanities on 10/6 @ 5PM

  1. About social media: I think social media is great platform for short infos, advertising or some sort of gathering people for fund raise but if we want a real conversation, person to person is much better option. I don’t think there are real communications in social media to satisfy my soul or let myself grow as a more wholesome person.

    When we use social media, we should expect to pay something such as security or personal info. It seems so free and instant on your finger tips but it is not free. You are trading something of yours that may be important to you or want to keep for yourself with the convenience. NOTHING IS FREE. If you like free things, you are greedy as anyone whoever you think are greedy. Greed hurts people include oneself. Greed hurts world and planet. Indeed greed hurts oneself more than anything and anyone else.

    And we need to understand social media is a tool for our living. Mankind control social media. Not the other way around. But it seems social media that we created is controling mankind these days and this phenomenon seems getting worsen each day.

  2. Manifesto is an idea the way we want to live. Manifesto should be a back bone and tool for ones life, not for goal to achieve. We work to achieve our goals and dreams. Manifesto is tool to achieve the the goals and dream. So, manifesto can be changed and evolved along the way. If manifesto becomes a goal to achieve, one will be trapped in the tactics and manners. The result of living will be disastrous. I think that’s why we are having so many wars around the globe because people are stuck with ideas that never evolves while world has been evolving in rapid speed.

  3. Freedom is not free.
    Freedom is not something people can take it granted.
    Freedom is something that you have to earn by working hard.
    There is no freedom if one is not responsible for its thoughts and action.
    That’s why freedom is such a solemn and sacread idea for mankind.

    Communication is not about talking.
    Communication is about L.I.S.T.E.N.I.N.G.

  4. just a quick thought on social media it is often a time sucker….a necessary evil..ok sometimes a secret indugence but I often find it to be distracing. My work involves a lot of process it is physical,dirty (inky) and sometimes requires intense concentration lest I burn myself with acid. I like to loose myself in my work and I find too often I am obsessed with checking FB when I intent to be working

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