Manifestos & Remix Fairness

Manifestos & Remix Fairness, A Closer Look.


My friend and colleague Michael Branson Smith shared this great piece with our CT101 class this week – “Andy Baio is a software developer for Kickstarter writes and speaks about his experience being sued by a photographer and is forced to settle and pay thousands of dollars. This is despite the fact he believes the law is on his side and so does his pro-bono counsel the EFF.”

Question :: What do think? How has this presentation solidified or changed your point of view or awareness on the subject of remix and reuse culture? How does this information effect the way you promote yourself as an artist on the web?

What is a Manifesto and why is it important to write one?

According to : “a manifesto is written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group” This is usually made public to hold one to their statements.”

Examples –

Manifestos for Art, Life & Business –

More Examples? See below-

View examples of student manifestos from 2013 here.

View Examples of Students manifestos from 2014 here.

14 thoughts on “Manifestos & Remix Fairness

  1. Stay awake every second, even when you are sleeping.
    Time is not the limit. Your mind is the limit when you limit yourself.
    Let go of your SELF if you want learn about yourself.
    Something or someone is troubling you? Nobody or nothing is troubling you except yourself.
    When you don’t like someone or something, look at yourself in the mirror.

  2. 1. Dont be afraid to fall, you can always get back up.
    2. Look for the beautiful flaws in the world around you
    3. Always ask questions, and admit that you need help
    4. Bouncing ideas off of someone is a great way to understand what is going on in your own mind.
    5. Read, look at the world and people around you and let it inspire you

  3. Thoughts for Manifesto
    1. Experience life
    2. Learn something new every day
    3. See the beauty in wherever you can
    4. Be proud of your accomplishments
    5. Learn from your mistakes
    6. Don’t be afraid to take chances
    7. Draw every day
    8. Look at art but don’t copy
    9. Create art that excites you not what you think is going to sell
    10. Be true to yourself
    11. Believe in yourself
    12. Share your knowledge
    13. Live life with conviction

  4. The whole idea of fair usage and remix rights is a double edged sword. On the one side I don’t want anyone stealing my work and using it without my knowledge or consent. On the other side we don’t live life in a vacuum. Our everyday experiences and things we see influence who we are, our thoughts, and creative processes. These influences come out in our work but that does not necessarily mean we are stealing them. It seems as though all common sense has gone out the window these days

  5. It is pretty scary to think people can so easily take your images and stamp their name on it. In all reality the internet is a hub for people and things like that to occur, just accept it or don’t use it. Because of how accessible information is there will always be a positive and negative concerning technology today.

    Manifesto :

    Challenge yourself.
    Force yourself to feel uncomfortable everyday.
    Never settle
    Be concious of the company you keep
    Don’t take yourself too seriously
    Work hard
    Have faith
    Let go

  6. Be positive to everything you care about
    Make effort on something even it doesn’t work
    Don’t forget what I want in the first
    Make something good to human beings
    calm down
    Everyone is different , everyone is same

  7. Via Carrieanne Gonzalez –

    Have more faith in my ideas.

    Have more faith in myself

    Put more work into making them come to fruition.

    Do not become intimidated or blocked by the sometimes lack of knowledge to achieve desired effects, with potential use of newer equipment or with the lack of equipment provided to me. Instead, research help or ask those around me for the knowledge needed to achieve certain lighting effects in my work.

    Work through the frustration and fear.

    Have faith that everything I need will be provided to me in some form or another – with opportunities, with people in my life, with new people who I meet along my journey, etc.

    Follow through with my plans and sketches

    Do not doubt or have fear in my work or where my divine inspiration comes from. Bring ideas from paper to life. Trust that they are meant to be bought to fruition and make it happen.

    Create every day – Draw, color, do morning pages… dedicate less time to the TV

    Don’t become uninspired by the fact that I use my camera for work as well as for art. Instead, remember to feel blessed and appreciative that I am making a living with it. Separate my work from my art. Pick up my camera to create art and do not associate t with having to “work.”

  8. 1. Take advantage of what’s around you everyday
    2. Make art about the things your passionate about
    3. Shoot like mad
    4. Do what makes you uncomfortable
    5. Experiment experiment experiment
    6. Never throw anything away
    7. Its about the process
    8. When your frustrated/ stuck/ overwhelmed don’t be afraid to take a step back
    9. Show your work to anyone who will look
    10. Embrace criticism
    11. Opportunities
    12. You don’t have to agree but you should appreciate it
    13. When you feel complete walk away

  9. -Be honest with yourself.

    -Make the working process as a fun process, enjoy every single step.

    -Use ideas as internal little revolutions.

    -Create my own work with my own visual grammar instead of what I think people/audience want.

    -There is no inspiration, there is work…consistency…every day work.

    -Produce artwork does not mean literally work physically. It also means writing, thinking and dreaming.

    -Stay in touch with contemporary art, artists and current movements.

    -Stay calm and let your works be.

    -Organize your time, schedule of every week. Make more time for art practice.

    -No internet, no phone while creating personal work.

    -If you got stuck…run!

  10. Here’s my own I came up with:

    1. Draw, print and/or paint every day (do what you love every day).
    2. Nature is simplex and our languages and systems of communication should be as well.
    3. Never ignore appreciation/admiration for aesthetic and beauty.
    4. Don’t forget to draw/paint/etc. with your opposite hand, it will teach you how to draw again!
    5. The mistakes and accidents are what make your work beautiful, as nobody else is able to make them.
    6. Truth is truth even when most are controlled by consensus trance.
    7. There’s no financial burden on you to be a decent human being.
    8. Happiness is a choice. Be optimistic, but don’t live in fantasy.
    9. Don’t ever get satisfied or comfortable with your work.
    10. Always have appreciation and love for nature, time in nature is never wasted.
    11. Admit when you’re wrong, and have the courage to change within.
    12. The path to greatness requires you to be fearless.
    13. Do not violate the rights or free will of others (including that of animals and the planet); we all must learn from our own mistakes.
    14. Most importantly, follow your passion and bliss!

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