Tyrone’s Thesis Abstract

Our fellow classmate Tyrone submitted a great Thesis Abstract early on in the course and has allowed me to share it with you all. This is a helpful guide to reference.

Tyrone Santana Copeland

Thesis Abstract Draft

September 30, 2014

Description of Work

  • Core essence (underlining theme) understanding of the human spirit and mind, use of story telling and movement
  • Expressed in two distinct styles; traditional and non traditional use of the photographic process
  • Traditional – documentary photography and portraits
  • Non Traditional – the camera as a component of the creative process, abstracted photos, constructed/deconstructed repeat, play on the edge of what is considered photography
  • Play from digital space to print to physical space (installation)

Detail your work

  • Fascination with the story, we learn through process, emulate the experience with still images
  • Documentary work, to tell a personal story while highlighting the similarities people from various backgrounds encounter
  • Poetry in the image, plays on two levels (with and without context)
  • Abstract work (graphic work, mental play) similar to an abstract painting or poem – “I’m not sure what’s going one but I like it and this is what I see.”

Detail your process of how you make work

  • The idea and the way it will look in the end (work backwards, knowing the ending first, then fill in the gaps)
  • Past, wanted home run in the first try, now understand the process is slow and dirty, embrace the idea of mistakes and incorporation of other ideas in the mix

Materials and how they evolved and changed.

  • Start in film
  • Digital shift
  • Inherent differences and similarities, how they effect the shooting process/style
  • Images living in the digital space, slow move to printed image (experience with scale / mounting)
  • Importance of images living in the physical world

What motivates your work?

  • Other people’s work, attracted to creativity
  • Injustice, Conflict, Misunderstandings
  • The way I feel the world should be, changing a persons idea of the world happens on multiple fronts, art is my front
  • The idea that something can go from a thought to reality
  • Crazy random ideas that pop up in my head and I think “wouldn’t it be cool?”

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