Class Info & Guest Artist on Tuesday 11/18/14



Our guest artist will arrive and begin their presentation at 5pm. Please be on time! The presentation will last for 1 hour followed by a Q & A session.

All students will bring in one piece of current work to display and discuss with our guest.

This class is mandatory!

** Keep in mind, next week 11/25 the first draft of your thesis / research paper is due. You will bring two printed copies to class. This will be an in class writing and editing session.

1 thought on “Class Info & Guest Artist on Tuesday 11/18/14

  1. I found Martynka to be a very interesting artist. Her videos and photos of her exhibitions were very different from what I was usually used to seeing. She did give good tips on what to write about our exhibitions and for our essay due next week. The “this means this to me” part was very important, as in why we were writing our essay.

    When she reviewed my piece, she told me about the damage done to my art (as in the ripped parts.) This does give me an idea; as in when I’m done painting, I might want to damage it slightly with a palette knife. It might make the piece more interesting overall.

    I kind of knew that we had to have a second job once we become artists, because most of the art might not sell immediately. I know that if we want to become artists, we have to have a side job to help fund it and to pay the bills.

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