Daily Archives: November 3, 2014

Class info for 11/3/14

Dear Class,

There have been a few syllabus changes for the next 2 class sessions. Please update your calendars.

11/4 – In class writing exercises. We will be exploring a few short in class reactive writing exercises. Bring your lap top to class or work on the computers in the classroom. Content will be provided by the professor.

 11/11 – No Classes. Veterans day.

 11/18 – Guest Artist Visit #1, Presentation, & Critique  *Students will bring in one piece of current work for critique and discussion with our guest artist. Students will post a reaction to the guest artist  presentation as well as their reaction to the critique. What were the most insightful and or important aspects of this experience? How will this experience affect your work here on after? This reaction will be posted on our class blog.