Collaborative Wall of Remixed Portraits


Many Versions

“The Wall of One Hour’s Infinite Potential” 2014, A Collaborative Effort.

On 10/28 we worked on the GIF the Portrait Project, did you write your tutorial yet?

Add your written tutorial about the process in the comments section on this page.

Do you need a tutorial example? Check mine out  here. Describing your interpretation and explaining the process of an experience is a helpful way to write about your own process as an artist. Do you agree?

panorama pict by Sarah Rennie
panorama pict by Sarah Rennie


2 thoughts on “Collaborative Wall of Remixed Portraits

  1. According to Collaborative Effort that we did in our previous class, I really enjoyed making these GIF’s portrait as I can called. Professor Ryan Seslow brought up such a new idea of the gifs animation but in 2D design. He gave us 3 differents portraits make 75 copies of them and he asked us to pick up these portraits and each of us started to cut up the pieces, mixing them together and make up his own gifs in one hours. So, we had this great collection of differents collages gif at the end of our workshop class.
    1- Everyone had to have three copies of each portrait images.
    2- Started to cut them in pieces to have a bunch of the whole images mixing up together.
    3- Organizing them in differents ways to make up a spectacular idea by putting them together in very abstract way..
    4- Glueing the pieces and recording the process while we were working it depends of everyones idea of bringing up the piece.
    5- Hanging the whole pieces in the wall next to each other to complete the whole images of collaborative through the remixing the portraits.
    I like the whole image of the collaborative, I helped me think about the different imagination that everyones has to make his own piece. I was looking to everyones attitude during the making these project and see how we interact with this magnificant aesthetics of the pieces. The whole image was amazing, mixing up our different ideas to approach the advantages of the group working.
    Big thanks to prof. Ryan about this lovely and fun idea.

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