1 thought on “10/14/14 Reminder – Class Meets at the Museum 5PM!

  1. The square paintings were nice, but I’m not too crazy about squares. I find geometric shapes to be cold, but I really like organic lines. Anyway, I did love the textures that the paintings had; the textures gave the paintings a nice shadowy look. You would have to get close to the paintings to appreciate the real/true beauty of rectangles. If you got really close to them, you could actually see the different layers, and the cracking paint gives it a nice texture.

    For the photos, it gives you insight on how NYC looked long ago. Some things changed a lot, while others didn’t change at all. The photo “El, 2nd and 3rd Avenue Lines” looks like a place in Brooklyn that my mom takes me to. I wonder if it’s the same place?

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