10/7/14 Collaborative Class Project #1

In class on 10/7/14 we will be exploring thesis writing inspiration and potential models for formatting. In class we will be broken up into two groups to generate a collaborative project. Concept creation, art making, documentation, presentation and discussion will be emphasized.

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5 thoughts on “10/7/14 Collaborative Class Project #1

  1. Today’s assignment was very interesting. We got to work with different classmates to assemble one project within an hour, and we each had to contribute to it. I would like to do this assignment again, or something like this, at a later point in time.

    My group’s project (Group 1,) we each came up with different things to make our monster. I made the paper crane arms, named it (Voodoo Tiki-Tia,) and said that part of the inspiration came from Flavor Flav. We each contributed to the making of the project, and the writing of the report.

    Group 2’s project was also interesting, on how “Metaphor,” was the word used to inspire the project. I was amazed at how many photos that they managed to take from just around the Sculpture Studio.

    Each piece of art was made with different things from around the studio. I’m amazed at what we came up with.

  2. The collaborations were a great exercise. We had to conceive and create a group piece in less than an hour, then present it the following hour. Group 1 created a monster with found, styrofoam, paper, and ready-made pieces. It was a dynamic conglomeration. The disco eye piece was hypnotizing.

    I was part of Group 2. We decided to take the random word metaphor (given to us by Ryan) and take photographs to represent it. Later on we projected the photos into a gif. It was impressive to see the photos and interpretations produced in a short time. We have social media where content can be produced instantaneously. There was a little problem with transferring the photographs from our phones which was ironic. In sum, I really enjoyed the process.

  3. The “Spontaneous Group Project”, much like any other was challenging. Working collaboratively allows for insight of how each individual analyzes and interprets an idea; However combining those ideas to an individual project is always a difficult task. Especially… when there is a time constraint, and limitations on materials (found objects within/surrounding the sculpture building.)

    Group 1 created a monster with a variety of found objects, i.e: styrofoam, paper, and wood pieces and an individuals previous made work (monsters eye). They themed their monster off of the idea of voodoo. The continuous movement and motion of the individual eye, truly carried this idea and left me filling hypnotized.

    I was part of Group 2. Which decided to take the random word “metaphor” (chosen by Ryan) break off individually and take photographs to represent it. With the intent to later combine and project the images in a GIF format onto a larger screen. Which due to the campuses wifi, and various sizes of each group members photographs, was easier said then done. Regardless of the technical issues the process and collaboration, resulted in a lot of frustration, but more importantly a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. Multiple lessons were learned that day. 😀

  4. The collaborative project was a ton of fun. I felt like I was on super market sweep, which is honestly in the top 5 of my bucket list. We created a sculpture that was playful, but used all of our strengths. It was great to collaborate with other artists, especially when you know about the work they do and can resource manage. We spend so much time holed up in our studios making art by ourselves, that being able to collaborate making art was a great experience. I loved the gif that the other group made. Wednesdays are my busy days, and I told everyone I saw how excited I was that we had done this project. I think the time limit was a great way to force us to create first and ask questions second. It was a good bonding exercise as well. I always sit in the front of class, and everyone always jokes about it since I can never remember who is in which class. I never turn around and am always asking “Are you in Modern Art History?” This helped me to get to know the new faces from the MA program as well as actually remember which of my MFA peers are in this class with me!

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