Thesis Formatting from a Class Brainstorming Session 9/15/14

In our class on 9/15/14 we began talking about the formatting for our thesis papers.

MFA students that will be graduating in May will need to turn in their final thesis by the end of December. First and second year MFA and MA students will have the opportunity to simulate the structure of the thesis paper by generating a research based paper into their current work with the intention of also mounting an exhibition. (This is great practice for the real paper and exhibition)

*A Thesis Statement will be worked on in class this coming Tuesday 9/23.


1. Description / Abstract: Introduction. A detailed description of the body of work that you will be discussing and planning to exhibit.

2. Process, Materials and Methods: Descriptions of your working process, techniques, and the materials used to generate the art that you create. Why have you selected these specific materials and techniques to communicate your ideas? How do these choices effect how the viewer will receive your work?

3. Resources and References: Historical influences, artists, art movements, databases, and any other form of related influence. How have your references influenced your work, ideas, and decision making process as an artist?

4. Exhibition Simulation: How will you be mounting your exhibition? Why have you selected this particular composition? How will your installation effect the space itself? A floor plan sketch to accompany the proposed composition.

5. Reflection: What have you learned over the course of your graduate program? How has the program influenced your work and how you communicate as an artist? What skills will you apply directly into your professional practice?

*This format is a basic synopsis of what we discussed. It is an ongoing process. Let us continue adding to the formula in the commenting area below.

1 thought on “Thesis Formatting from a Class Brainstorming Session 9/15/14

  1. Intro: To a person graduating with a MA or MFA, one thing that they have to do is to write a thesis statement. This particular thesis is not about the works of others, but rather their own art exhibition that they have to give. My exhibition will be about my imagination of creatures that I dream or fantasize about, called “Nightmares and stories.”
    Body 1: The following are a list of creatures that I have thought up or sketched out over the years.
    1. Necrofangs – Nightmare serpent
    a. Eyeless, black
    b. Painting on canvas
    2. Dragon Probe/Draco Probe
    a. Space-alien constructed probe
    b. Dream about it
    c. Painting on canvas
    3. Great Serpent
    a. Ancient serpent-god
    b. Written for several stories
    c. Painting, but might apply green feathers for wings, and maybe sequins/rhinestones or something glittery
    4. Demons
    a. Based on bad emotions
    i. Anguish
    ii. Torment
    iii. Despair
    5. Angel Lizards
    a. Based on pets
    i. Harwell
    ii. Lickitung
    iii. Godzilla
    6. Possible pieces (not sure if they will be in exhibit.)
    a. Mythology?
    i. Monsters?
    ii. Characters used in stories?
    b. Other creatures
    i. Elementals
    Body 2: For my process on designing my creatures, I plan to execute them with canvas and paint.
    1. Canvas
    a. Will have to practice
    b. Best way to present work
    c. Planning to paint
    2. Painting the work
    a. Once again, will have to practice
    b. Will have to do constant sketching to get ideas right
    i. Reference
    c. Painting has classical feel and look
    i. Watercolor/wash
    ii. Regular paints
    iii. Have brushes – need to get used to them
    iv. Seem to have more control than computer programs
    d. Painting – why
    i. Had fun painting model planes
    ii. Seem to enjoy more with a brush than a keyboard
    iii. Gives me more inner peace and enjoyment than an iMac
    iv. Seems that hand-design stuff has a deeper connection than what a computer can create.
    e. Other things
    i. Feathers (Great Serpent)
    ii. Resin (nice shiny look)
    iii. Ink – beautiful way to design
    Body 3: When it comes to influence, my inspiration can come from many areas.
    1. Myself
    a. Imagination
    b. Stories written (characters)
    2. Books
    a. H.P. Lovecraft
    b. Old mythologies
    c. Sci-Fi
    3. Artists
    a. Salvador Dali
    b. Jackson Pollock
    c. Post-Modernism
    d. Picasso
    4. Nature
    a. Trees
    b. Landscapes
    c. Makes me feel happy and inner peace
    5. Music – Emotion
    a. New Age
    b. Metal
    c. Classical/Soundtracks (symphonies)
    Body 4: For the exhibition, I will be attaching most of the artwork to hang from the walls.
    1. Correct area
    a. Need to double-check right museum
    b. Need to study area
    c. Consider how many pieces to create
    2. Checking Artwork
    a. Not sure if all canvas
    b. Might do sculpture, but still unsure
    c. Some pieces, might not all be canvas work
    i. Other artistic elements?
    Body 5: Over the course of my education at LIU, I need to remember what I learned as a student.
    1. Prof. Seung Lee
    2. Prof. Ryan Seslow
    3. Getting involved
    a. Clubs
    b. Activities
    c. Campus itself
    d. Have got to get involved

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