Factors of the Imagination: Extra Credit Reaction

Factors of the Imagination :: By Ryan Seslow

I feel that the creative imagination first asserts itself inwardly. It is through the

process of projecting of mental images, mental pictures, feelings, sensations and

emotions. I also believe that this energy exists not only for its creator, but for all.

Imaginative creation is induced and expanded inwardly as something

big or small, but no matter, we must understand that its birth is

organic and non physical. The manifestation process of an intended

experience created in the imagination requires the physical injunction

of an action. Human beings must facilitate this action. ( it can be as

simple as “ doing something”, answering your phone, taking a walk,

painting a stroke, sending an e-mail, writing a note to yourself,

dancing, and so on.

Where do you stand on this?

Can you elaborate on your own experiences?

This reaction will help you get 5 points of extra credit towards your final grade.

GO HERE –  http://wp.me/P3Px2D-10  to respond!

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